Six Back-To-School Items for Moms to Keep at Home


Shop for Yourself Too, Mama!

Now that classes are in session, moms couldn’t be more excited to help their kids start the year on a high note. Much of that excitement kicks in during the first week of school when teachers send home a list of school supplies required for each student. As you gear up to splurge on paper, markers, folders and a myriad school supplies for your school-age kid, we say– take the time to shop for yourself too, Mama!  Here are six back-to-school products for moms to keep home and make the school year feel organized, fun and stylish.


City of Angels.jpg

City of Angels Picture Book: illustrative and informative

What makes this book a wonderful collection to your library is how it captures historical moments such as the bittersweet history of Little Tokyo in vivid colors accompanied with wonderfully detailed informative text. From Walt Disney Concert Gall to the Los Angeles Public Library, over twenty beautiful sites are included and each of them is of relevance to young moms and their children. The fully illustrated book is 48 pages long and only costs $19.95. It can be found here.




More Time Moms® Perpetual Calendar: Never forget important events with this calendar

Important events slip through our minds only for a dear family member to remind us that we forgot their birthday… again. This no longer has to be the case with this cheerful calendar that features Albert’s drawings to ensure that you never forget an important event the next time around. Every card stock is made of appreciably high quality that keeps track of all important events such as birthdays and anniversaries. This way you can prepare for an event in advance, and be at the center stage. The perpetual birthday reminding calendar measures 5″x 8.5″, (5″ x 19″ when open) and costs $8.99. Click here to buy it.




Mead Laminator, Thermal, 12.5″ Max Width, HeatSeal Pro Lamination Machine, Includes Laminating Pouches: Craft beautiful letters and documents at home

Every mother wants to store her child’s memories in a laminated document that not only looks good but lasts for the ages. The Mead HeatSeal Pro laminator allows mothers with an extra penchant of creativity with an outlet that lets them fulfill their basic crafts and business needs. When every document has a maximum width of 12 1/2″, every picture and letter will come out extremely durable. The Mead Heat Seal Pro only costs about $68.99 and can be purchased at this link.


Pencil Case


Raymay Double Zipper Color Pencil Case: Don’t lose your pens & pencils anymore!

Being a mom certainly doesn’t mean you don’t need pens, pencils and similar accessories, if anything; your desk is cluttered with writing peripherals that are all over the place. You probably don’t want that mess in your house, which is what makes this Raymay Double Pencil case so unique. It isn’t made out of plastic, but created with a mesh of threads that are strongly woven together for added durability. This pencil case is for someone who seeks organization and order and can keep their organized collection of favorite pens out of the reach of kids (it’s perfect for storing in your purse too). Chic and affordable, it can be purchased at this link for $13.25.




Mag Panel Magnetic Board: Better than Cork!

Don’t let your child’s creativity go to waste with unsavory thumb tacks that prick a little hole in important documents. This magnetic panel has been grafted from galvanized steel, providing a smooth metal surface for magnets. This accessory is perfect for mothers that want to celebrate their child’s creative work of art. It can be bought at this link for as little as $42.




Petunia Picklebottom Boxy Backpack in Birch/Black: So cool, it could pass for a handbag

It’s called the ‘Boxy’ backpack for two reasons. One, it has been designed for the mom with school going children in mind and two, it has got a wide variety of pockets all of which are covertly retrofitted besides each other. Stroller straps, plenty of pockets, built-in changing stations and a grab handle, packed with a canvas exterior that is both rigid and easy to clean. Get it for $189 at this link.  

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