Mom Blogger Monday: Kelsey Reynolds

Photo: This Mom Uncensored BlogPhoto: This Mom Uncensored Blog

This Mom Uncensored

When Kelsey Reynolds started feeling that her everyday life routine was making her bored and unfulfilled, she launched her blog, This Mom Uncensored.

The Manhattan Beach mom who had three kids before 30 (Natalie, 8; Zoe, 6 and Travis, 3)
works at a dental office as a patient coordinator. She’s also an entrepreneur and on her free time, she sits and writes about the “side of motherhood that isn’t always ice cream and cute outfits.”

Among our favorite posts, the super honest “Bad Habits Die Hard” where Kelsey asks her husband Brendan to tell her what her worst habits are. Brendan replies with a list and Kelsey then explains each one, without holding back.

We also love her Mom Hacks section where she offers tips on everything from surviving a public restroom to back-to-school must-haves.

You rock, Mama! It’s so refreshing to read your posts… they’re truly uncensored which is necessary, especially since we know many moms can relate!


What inspired you to become a blogger?

I honestly felt a little bit bored. I felt like I was in a mundane spot in my life where everything just went mechanically. I needed a challenge. I wanted something that could push me.  I didn’t have an agenda or a specific end game; I just wanted to create a space where parents were able to come and have a safe, judgement free space. I also wanted to create a space that wasn’t like all the other blogs out there. I wanted to show the side of motherhood that isn’t always ice cream and cute outfits. I wanted to portray my version of motherhood that was very relatable. Hence, This Mom Uncensored was born.


What is your proudest Mommy Blogger Moment?

TMU has been live since May 2018. We’re pretty brand new. I meet weekly with my team and just being able to hear the numbers surpass anything I could ever dream of was pretty rewarding.  I honestly didn’t think that I would receive a lot of traffic because that are SO many amazing Mom related blogs out there– It was refreshing and it has put into perspective what my readers want to read :}


What’s your favorite place to the take the kids in L.A.?

The beach. Hands down. It’s our backyard. It’s my favorite place to reset. Being in a family of 5, there isn’t a lot of places where you can do your own thing without someone being in your business.  The beach is the PERFECT place for us. Those who love the water, go in the water, others who like to dig and build do that. There is just so much freedom and the feeling of sand in between the toes and the smell of the water and salty breeze. AHH! It’s pure bliss.


What’s your favorite hangout without the kids?

OH man. I LOVE live music. Find me a band– an original, a cover band, country, rock, hip-hop– you name it and I’m your girl. I will be there. Almost as good as the beach, music is fuel for my soul.


What’s your best motherhood advice?

Enjoy the ride. The days are long but the years are short. There isn’t anything more true than that. When you’re in the thick of it all, it’s hard to see the beauty in the ride– but my gosh it’s a freaking beautiful thing. Another important thing– PRINT your pictures. We take a ton on the daily– get them printed, you’ll thank me later.

Photo: This Mom Uncensored Blog

Photo: This Mom Uncensored Blog

Connect with Kelsey!

Instagram: @thismomuncensored

Twitter: @uncensorthismom


Photo: This Mom Uncensored Blog

Photo: This Mom Uncensored Blog

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