Magazine Launch Party (Non-Alcoholic) Drink Sponsor: Mirón

Photo: William Joya of JOY and LOVE Photography

Photo: William Joya of JOY and LOVE Photography

DRINK Mirón!


Los Angeles-based drink company, Mirón, served as a sponsor during the launch party for Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine.

The full selection of flavors was available for guests to experience and everyone left home with a full-size can of the delicious drink. Mirón not only offers a boost of energy, it encourages people to follow their entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Photo: William Joya of JOY and LOVE Photography

Photo: William Joya of JOY and LOVE Photography

Here’s how we recommend you experience the drink:

1. Learn about each flavor, then decide which one describes you right now.

2. Enjoy & Slay.

3. When you’re ready for a new can of Mirón, repeat Step 1.

4. Enjoy & Slay.

Photo: Steve Escarcega

Photo: Steve Escarcega

Flavor Blazers:

red can


You’re a Free Spirit. You view the world as a host of novel experiences, unbelievable sights and memories waiting to be made. Travel is in your soul. The next adventure awaits. Explore Away.


Green can

Kiwi-Passionfruit: MUSE

You inspire without even trying. You create your own environment. The choices you make are the least expected yet the most coveted. You set global trends on a regular basis. You just get it. Share your vision.


Pink can

Peach-Pear: CREATOR

You see art in everything. You have a pencil in your pocket or a drumbeat at your fingertips. Creativity is your vehicle and art is your love letter to the world. Inspiration strikes everywhere. Unleash your talent.


Orange can


Your vibe is strong. You’re a natural leader and confidence is second nature to you. You have the courage to blaze the trail. The rest inevitably follow. Set the pace.

Thank you, Mirón. We’re ready.

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