This New Pop-Up is A Box of Fun



There’s a brand-new Pop-Up north of Los Angeles that’s giving us enough motivation to stay bright and cheerful throughout the Fall.

The FUNBOX is a 9,000 square foot selfie emporium with 24 large art installations and a maze that takes guests through several colorfully themed experiences, including a giant Monopoly board, an upside down room, a pool noodle hallway and an infinity mirror room, among others.

It’s inside The Oaks Mall in Thousand Oaks. That’s where FUNBOX creators Antonio Nieves and Laurance Hallier worked with artists and engineers to create the rainbow wonderland, located on the second floor.

Proceeds from ticket sales support RaisingHOPE, Inc. a non-profit organization that provides services for foster care children.

We checked out the FUNBOX and decided it is worth the drive on the 101. The kids will surely enjoy it and well, where else would you get a chance to swim in a giant bowl of fruit loops?

Without giving too much away, here are some of our favorite FUNBOX areas, which by the way, will stay open through October 31.

Life-Size Emojis



Alphabet Jungle


Angel & Butterflies Photo-Op


Giant Fruit Loop Bowl


Disco Dancing Room


Tickets are $17 for adults and $12 for kids 5 and older. Children 4 and under are free.

For more information visit:

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