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All the Good (Beauty) Stuff was at #IBELA2019


By Frances Marquez, Mommy In Los Angeles Magazine Beauty Contributor & Founder, On Location Glam

I’m still hanging on cloud nine with inspiration from the many beauty bosses I met at this year’s Indie Beauty Expo L.A. aka #IBELA2019. Every person I talked to had a great story to share about their brand and products, which were being exhibited for wholesale buyers during the third week of January in Downtown L.A.’s California Market Center.

Frankly, I was overwhelmed with beauty world energy thanks to so many beautiful and innovative companies on display. There were hundreds of items at the Indie Beauty Expo L.A. but today, I’m introducing products from ten companies who piqued my interest, enticed my senses and ultimately stole my heart. From my conversations with the founders, to the products’ ingredients and individual stories, the following beauty tools, creams, bars, balms and scrubs are basically things that no L.A. Mom should live without!

Read on, mama, order a few items (click on titles to visit product’s website) and I’m sure you’ll thank me later!


Speak Skin Beauty – 09 Deodorant Cream $15 

IMG_2980 2.JPG

Speak’s products are formulated with the understanding that our skin is absorbent and delicate. Products are made with bio-compatible ingredients sourced from plants that aim to bring skin back to its optimum state. The folks at Speak Skin Beauty highly suggest their 09 Deodorant Cream for pregnant or breastfeeding mommies who are set on avoiding beauty products with chemical ingredients. The deodorant cream smells of soothing lavender and after wearing it for a day, I can attest fact that it keeps people smelling fresh all day. 


Veriphy Skincare – Power Trip $87,  Self Absorbed $70,  and 20/20 $68

IMG_3001 2.jpg

“’Ver’ is French for green while ‘Phy’ comes from the plant term Phytoglycogen or Phyto a breakthrough material extracted from plants that has been clinically proven to give skin the energy it needs to produce collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. Together, the four women who founded the company decided to make a play on words considering their commitment to scientific verification of their products, said company president Alison Crumblehulme. The line includes three key products for daily use and beautiful skin: Powertrip, a facial serum, Self Absorbed, a facial moisturizer, and 20/20, an eye cream. Using all three on a daily basis will guarantee gorgeous skin for any mom looking to revitalize and rejuvenate in a natural way. 


Sin Min – Horchata Lip Balm $6


Pucker up for the most delicious smelling Lip Balm EVER. This brand was inspired by the post-surf, breakfast burrito paired Mexican rice milk beverage that company founder Tyler, grew up loving along the coast of Los Angeles– Horchata.  The Lip Balm is made in California with natural organic ingredients such as beeswax, jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, horchata flavoring, Malibu HoneyTM, vitamin E, and cinnamon. You’ll love kissing your little ones and if you dab a little Horchata Lip Balm on their lips, they won’t be exposed to chemicals or other bad stuff, whatsoever. 


Prana SpaCeuticals – Dirty Lash $33 


This most clever lash cleaner was created for women who wear lash extensions or false lashes. When lashes are not properly washed they tend to cause itchiness and inflammation. Dirty Lash is a convenient and healthy way to eliminate protein, natural oils, or dead skin cells that accumulate around the lash area. It’s recommended for daily use if you have lash extensions. The cleaner comes in a tube with a spoolie so you can apply it on lashes just as you would mascara. So if you’re a mom rocking lash extensions you’ll want to make sure to use this product every morning to help untangle and straighten overlapping lashes that are usually a result of side-sleeping.    


Hair La Vie – Shampoo & Conditioner $25


Another great beauty line that was created organically is Hair La Vie. The shampoo is made with 19 natural ingredients, including proteins, antioxidants, and amino acids while the conditioner is made with 21 natural ingredients including 11 essential oils. This is another great beauty product for pregnant mommies that want zero chemicals entering their body. Both shampoo and conditioner offer peppermint and tea tree aromas. 


Bonblissity – Candy Scrub $20


Picture your hands when you pay for a massage upgrade with your nail salon manicure. A single candy scrub from Bonblissity has that same moisturizing effect allowing your hands to feel smooth and silky. It’s perfect for moms on the go. Whether it’s for you or your child, all you have to do is open the individually wrapped candy scrub, place it on the palm of your hand, sprinkle a couple of water drops on it and rub your palms together. After scrubbing your hands for about a minute, simply rinse thoroughly and enjoy the softest hands that ever existed!


Trischa Watson Organics – Beyond Grateful $42, Flower Girl $36


Not only is Trischa Watson, the founder of this skincare line, a beautiful woman and professional skin therapist, she’s a mom too. Many of the ingredients from her skincare line are grown in her own farm and neighboring farming community. Trischa’s skin products are made with organic plants and elements that are stellar for the skin and good for Mother Earth. The entire line is paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten free, and of course cruelty-free. Beyond Grateful is one of the most gentle cleansers we’ve ever tried! If you top it off with the brand’s Flower Girl mist, you’ll walk out smelling like heaven, which means a perfect combination of rose and hibiscus. 


Seaside Medical Technologies – Post Traumatic Response Gel $25


Based out of Santa Monica, this company’s goal is to provide natural healing solutions for moms and their families, without breaking the bank. The Post Traumatic Gel is a multi-use organic gel that floods the skin with a rush of high impact antioxidants to quickly give it the defenses it needs to heal within minutes. It’s designed to restore your skin’s vitality after minor trauma and/or cosmetic procedures. It also protects skin from environmental stressors. This one should be kept handy, at home with the children. 


Billion Dollar Brows – The Brow Buddy Kit $20 

IMG_3002 2.jpg

This Orange County based company offers a tool to create the most perfect brows based on your individual facial features. If you love a good brow like we do, the Brow Buddy will help you keep your brow game on point.

Natalie, the CEO & Co-Founder of Billion Dollar Brows told me she created this tool out of necessity.  

“Brows are NOT a one size fits all,” she said. “I wanted to help women everywhere achieve symmetrical brows without having to go to a professional. Unlike stencils, the Brow Buddy takes into account YOUR facial symmetry.” Genius idea. Thanks, Natalie!


Wine Country Botanicals – Santa Barbara Shea Butter Sugar Scrub  $30


Once in a while, after having a long day and finally putting the kids to bed, it’s necessary to enjoy a long warm bath using a great body scrub. Wine Country Botanicals offers three different collections based on the wine countries we all love so much— Sonoma, Napa Valley, and Santa Barbara. Each collection uses oils and ingredients sourced from its respective wine country. The Santa Barbara Collection, for example, contains an essential oil blend with aromatic lavender, bright citrus notes of mandarin & sweet orange, hints of herbaceous rosemary and woodsy cedar wood. It leaves the body feeling silky and smooth for a great night’s rest. Cheers!

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