New Book Offers Tips On Overcoming Divorce; Book Signing in WeHo Jan. 9

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Book Signing on January 9

A new book that assists newly divorced individuals get on with his/her life, offering methods and tips for handling insecurities and uncertainties once divorce papers are signed and legal issues are settled, will be unveiled at a book signing at the popular cafe and marketplace (and catering company), Joan’s on Third, in West Hollywood, Calif., Wednesday, January 9, 2019 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., according to the book’s author David J. Glass, Certified Family Law Specialist and former family therapist who will be on hand to discuss his new book and sign copies.

Already a bestseller on Amazon, Moving On: Redesigning Your Emotional, Financial and Social Life After Divorce can put a divorcee on the path to a fulfilling future, almost immediately, says Glass, who holds a J.D. and a PhD in Psychology, “Divorce can actually be a person’s second chance at happiness.”

In Moving On, Glass draws on his two-decade career as a family law attorney, his former career as a therapist, and even his own divorce. The book, a one-of-a-kind handbook that addresses the practical and emotional considerations of post-divorce decisions, instructs the reader on ways to rebuild his/her life after a split in such key areas as:  Identifying goals; strengthening one’s support system; finding a new home; revamping one’s social and family lives; the how-to’s of entering today’s dating scene; and much more.

Glass notes that the national rate of divorce is about 50% in the United States: First marriages end 40% of the time; second marriages 60%; and third ones nearly 75% of the time.  Glass posits that the reason why the divorce rate rises so precipitously is that most divorcees don’t do the work necessary to change themselves after divorce. “Instead they focus on the problems that their ex-spouse brought to the table,” he explains. “I’ve laid out a solid plan for divorcees to improve on prior to re-entering the ‘marriage market,”’ Glass states. “Marriage can be a repetitive cycle and that means most divorcees tend to repeat the same patterns, rather than doing the necessary work to reconstruct them.”

One tip from Glass’ Moving On tome: Solicit support from your inner circle–closest family and friends.  Reach out via email, carefully detailing what you need. “This may be an ear to bend; someone with whom you can plan social activities; a small loan and other needs. Also let them know what you don’t need,” he adds, “such as criticism for marrying ‘that’ person in the first place.” Glass affirms, “My book is not about regrets, it’s about ways to move forward.”

The main theme of Moving On, even though divorce is extremely difficult, is that it presents an opportunity for divorcees to reevaluate, grow and change.  The book is a practical, self-help guide to charting what works in one’s life, what doesn’t, and how to change the latter. Glass explains, Moving On is the first step in leaving the past behind and starting a rewarding new life.”

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