Shoe Swapping Arrives in Los Angeles


Now You can have New Shoes All The Time

Every woman knows the feeling of opening up her closet and seeing dozens of shoes that she’s worn only once or twice; some of them are completely new. Right?

The average woman has 25 pairs of shoes in her closet, of which she wears only 6 in rotation.

Fortunately for us, now we have Shoe Bank, an innovative re-commerce platform, changing the way we “buy” shoes. Shoe Bank is a marketplace for swapping shoes. Women of all ages can give and get new shoes without spending any money. CEO, Roni Harel CEO, Roni Harel

Roni Harel, CEO of Shoe Bank, puts it like this, “24 Billion pairs of shoes are purchased every year, most of them are sitting in our closets unworn. Women today are conscientious consumers – they want fashion, they want to help the environment, they don’t want to waste or overspend. Shoe Bank gives today’s women the best of all worlds.”

Women can upload a gently worn pair of shoes that they don’t wear anymore to the Bank and then find another pair in exchange. Wear them for as long as they want and swap them again. Three levels of style and branding allow the user to get a pair that is on par with what they uploaded. Each pair uploaded allows the user to get a new pair. Women can let go of shoes that they don’t wear and satisfy the new shoe craving without any guilt and without spending any money other than a minimal shipping and handling fee.

The value of the shoe uploaded allows you to get a shoe within that same value category. If a woman sells the shoes, she will only get 50% of the value at most. It’s hard to take a loss and it’s hard to justify needing a new pair.

We discovered it’s actually quite easy to get started. Simply go to and follow the directions to start uploading your shoes. There are no membership or subscription fees. No credit card is required to join.

You’re welcome, Fashionable L.A. Moms.

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