A Visit to Duff’s CakeMix Solved My Daughters Allergy Fears


Having her cake and eating it too (finally)!

By Veronica Navarro

Navigating a dairy and soy-free life at home had not been terribly difficult until my daughter Zoe started school. Then, it almost seemed as though her allergy had magnified.

To make matters a bit more, um, sensitive, we were bombarded with two birthday parties in Zoe’s class during the first few weeks.

I share this because things have gotten a bit more challenging even though my daughter is aware of her allergies and knows she can’t consume dairy products. But as I felt myself delving further into memories of my own elementary school experience feeling vulnerable and left out, I came across the Duff’s Cakemix collaboration with Erin McKenna, which just happens to be L.A.’s number one source for baked goods for those with dietary restrictions.

Now, if you’ve never heard of Duff’s Cakemix, it’s a revolutionary new cake creation shop where patrons get to prepare DIY cakes and cupcakes. Duff’s Cakemix provides the tools and ingredients to bring your cake to life. I mean, can you imagine the feeling when I realized all we had to focus on was the decorating!?

In the end, customers get to take home their confections, skipping all the hassles that come with baking and clean-up!

“I truly believe that there are artists in all of us,” says pastry chef and TV personality Duff Goldman. “Dietary restrictions shouldn’t stand in the way of artistic expression”. 

It’s probably why he enlisted the queen of dietary restricted baking, Erin McKenna, owner of her own namesake bakery— to supply gluten-free, vegan and soy-free offerings.

 “Everyone knows I’m a big believer in make it bigger, make it badder, make it awesome! Now guests at our studios can make it gluten-free, vegan and soy free,” added Duff.

 With the Erin McKenna collaboration, guests can choose from two gluten-free, vegan and soy-free options:

–        Cake Kit – A two layer, 6”cake in Vanilla filled with vegan white frosting or chocolate cake filled with chocolate vegan frosting 

–        Cupcake Kit – A set of six cupcakes in vanilla or chocolate

Each kit comes with the choice of assorted fondant, toppings, and colorful vegan frosting to help you create the cake(s) of your dreams!

The Duff’s Cakemix experience is incredible!

My kids and I easily created an amazing cake and my kids had a blast decorating their cupcakes and loading them with their favorite sprinkles and fondant shapes to their little hearts’ content. The best part (aside from not having to worry about a post-baking mess) was seeing my daughter Zoe finishing up with her cupcake and saying, “Mama, can I EAT it?” My mama heart crunched as I responded, “YES! Baby you CAN…It won’t hurt your belly”.

She giggled and she took a big bite of her cupcake. I fought tears at something so simple and so normal and so accessible.

To have this same type of experience, you can visit any  Duff’s Cakemix location, including those in West Hollywood, Tarzana, Pasadena, El Segundo, and soon arriving, Irvine!

Reservations are encouraged but walk-ins are welcome. They offer a variety of cake decorating classes and can even host parties and corporate events.

I think it’s the perfect place for a husband to take the kids so they can bake a cake for their upcoming L.A. Mama’s birthday (wink, wink).

For more information visit: www.DuffsCakeMix.com

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