Bob Baker Marionette Theater to Feature Local Comedienne’s Pregnancy Act Nov. 16


Giving Birth to A New Comedy Genre

April Hava Shenkman is Flocked Out, pregnant, & turning 40… so what is she going to do? We checked with Hava Shenkman and learned she’s throwing herself a baby shower with puppets and we are here for it. The performance will be held on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at Highland Park’s Bob Baker Marionette Theater.

Flocked Out! is Hava Shenkman’s one-night comedy special that explores the identity crisis of an Artist turning into a Mother. It’s a coming of age, catharsis of normality, quirky, heart-to-heart, intimate glimpse into the psyche of an absurdist Comedienne.

“Becoming Pregnant is a HUGE inspiration & life changing event, that I just had to make a show about,” says Hava Shenkman. “As a Comedienne, laughing at myself, the journey & the mystery of pregnancy, is the best way I know how to deal with the unknowns of this new life experience.”

An L.A native, Hava Shenkman will be giving birth to her first child in February 2020. As a 40 year-old who has been told her pregnancy is “high risk” and a “geriatric pregnancy,” she says she’s hoping to transcend the stigmas associated with having a child later in life.

“As an Artist, there’s many stigmas attached to being an Artist & a Mother, saying it’s challenging to be both. Many women feel they have to choose Career vs. Motherhood. I think these stigmas are sexist & old fashioned, and I choose to demystify them,” adds Hava Shenkman.

Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, Vaudeville, European Clowns & the Avant-garde, Hava Shenkman’s comedy literally gives birth to a new genre all on its own. Her technique and vastly vocalized performances infuse golden era star impersonations, speed talking, operatic impromptus, gibberish and, jokes of course.

During the November 16 performance, she’s expected to mesmerize, confuse, and enlighten the audience in this unique collaboration with the Bob Baker Marionettes.

In support of this unique comedy special, let’s all flock to the theater on November 16, L.A. Moms!

Flocked Out tickets are $20. Get yours here .

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