55 and Thriving in the World of Fitness

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Let’s Take Life by the Reins!

Diane Carpenter is a personal trainer of 25 years and created Diane Carpenter Fitness, in Huntington Beach, California, out of her love of helping people.

She believes that if someone is looking to get into fitness, they should never doubt their ability to do so. Over the course of Diane’s career, she has found that she is truly passionate about keeping herself and others in good health and feels most alive when educating and encouraging her clients. Diane’s biggest accomplishments come when she is helping her clients release the limiting boundaries they put on themselves.


“Instead of allowing adversity to hinder our lives, let’s take life by the reins and prove to ourselves and to others, that nothing is impossible. Together we can achieve any goal we set,” she says.

Throughout Diane’s life she has overcome her fair share of adversity. In high school, Carpenter was diagnosed with Scoliosis. With a 37-degree curve in her spine, the doctors informed Diane that without back surgery she would be in a wheelchair by the age of 60. After declining back surgery, Diane dove into health and fitness. Because she understood that health and fitness was her best chance at living her life the way she always intended to, she chose to become educated and certified in several areas within her field. Most recently, Diane was diagnosed with autoimmune arthritis and over the last 10 years she has progressively lost her grip strength.

Diane saw her 55th birthday as a great way to show people that regardless of your ailments, you can look and feel exactly how you want to. This is the perfect opportunity to show yourself and others that you can reach any of your health and fitness goals by putting your mind to it and overcoming the barriers or obstacles that might exist because of the ailments you have. There’s no doubt about it- it takes hard work, motivation and dedication, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you can reach your goals.

Diane has been a part of the Huntington Beach community for 20 years and would love to meet you! If you’re in the Huntington Beach area and want to start training at the speed of your life, contact her today. www.dianecarpenterfitness.com 

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