Green Household Ideas: Eco-Friendly Habits L.A. Moms Can Build


Let’s do something about it

If there is one moment in a year when the whole world stands still and joins hands in the name of the planet, it’s every Earth Hour. Held every year on March 31, this particular event shows our solidarity in conserving energy. But it’s not just an advocacy limited to a single hour. Now more than ever, it’s essential for everyone to do their part in taking care of the environment every single day.

As moms, it’s up to us to teach our little ones to buy into the cause as early as now. Most people think that by doing this it requires an intense lifestyle switch, but being eco-friendly can start with some small changes at home. Here are some ways you can create a green household and make a good impact on the environment and your children’s future.

Ditch single-use plastics

It’s a no-brainer that plastic is bad for the environment. Fortunately, establishments worldwide have started making strides towards reducing their large-scale use of plastic – from banning straws, to switching to biodegradable cups. At home, avoid using products in single-use packaging, like water bottles and plastic bags. Instead, keep stocks of reusable containers, such as beverage jugs and lunch boxes for your kids to take with them to school. 

Ride public transport

Cars are having a devastating effect on climate change. As much as you can, try taking public transport instead of driving. Not only is it cheaper, but you help to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads and the carbon emissions from private vehicles as well. Alternatively, you can consider riding a bike to work. In LA, there are lots of options now for bike-sharing, such as Uber’s own Jump or Metro Bike. This makes it a perfect time for you to whip out those training wheels for your kids and bond over teaching them to ride a bike. 

Join clean-ups

Clean-up events are a fun way to get together with everyone while making a difference. After all, some of LA’s biggest treasures are its breathtaking coastlines and pristine waters. It’s only right that we all work together to help keep it clean. Around the city, there are numerous organizations like the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, LA Waterkeeper, and Surfrider Foundation that host a lot of clean-up drives and activities. Go ahead and try to participate in them as a family for a truly unique and unforgettable experience. 

Say no to fast fashion

By now, you’ve probably heard of the slow fashion movement that is disrupting the industry as we know it. It’s a much-needed evolution, considering the astounding amount of clothes that end up in landfills. One way to make sure you don’t contribute to the fast fashion epidemic is by buying versatile clothes you can wear over and over again. In this regard, the midi dresses from Woman Within put less emphasis on trendy design fads. Instead, they highlight classic cuts and styles that can withstand the test of time. That way, you don’t have to keep buying and buying. For your little ones, there are loads of clothes by ethical LA brand Beru Kids that are both stylish and comfortable. With enough options to transform your entire family’s wardrobe into a sustainable haven, there’s no reason to keep hoarding from the same mall shops. 

Learn how to compost

Whether you have a lush garden or not, there are many perks to learning how to compost. LA is home to mostly loamy and heavy clay soils, but soils that are naturally high in organic matter and conducive for growing food are less common. Composting also helps store excess carbon into the ground — another win in the fight against climate change. If you’re interested, nonprofit group L.A. Compost hosts regular classes on how to turn your food scraps into “black gold.” 

Eat clean

Veganism is more than just a fad diet. Beyond avocado toasts and gluten-free goods, vegetarian or vegan food is simply better for the earth. It’s environmentally taxing to produce meat and raise cattle. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to make healthy choices, thanks to the many vegetarian and vegan places cropping up all over LA. Sage Vigan Bistro is fast becoming a favorite for its generous plant-based menu that runs the gamut from burgers and tacos, to pizzas and wings. Certainly, they’re sure to have something your kids will fancy. If you’re more into smoothies and grain bowls, True Food Kitchen is another LA staple that won’t disappoint. 

Close the loop

Recycling doesn’t just focus on things such as soda cans and piles of old school papers. Almost every item in your home can be recycled — from your books and batteries, to your old electronics and containers. It’s worth scouring your house for items that you can hand over to live their second life. Just last year, LA launched their “RecycLA” program that aims to make recycling accessible for all. To date, they have been successful in collecting 9.6 million cubic yards of material in blue bins. But for a more comprehensive look on how to recycle effectively, check out our guide here on Mommy in Los Angeles.

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