Breegan Jane to Publish Her First Children’s Book this Summer!


We Should All Shine Like Diamonds We Are

Los Angeles-based lifestyle entrepreneur and designer Breegan Jane is pleased to announce the launch of her first children’s book, Carbie.

Featuring illustrations by graphic artist, book illustrator, and stationery designer Vlada Soshkina, the book tells the story of how a diamond is made through a tale of perseverance and struggle focusing on Carbie, a shy but sweet piece of coal who eventually blossoms into a shining diamond. The book is suitable for children aged three to seven. 

“Through all of my endeavors as a designer, real estate developer, and small business owner, one job stands out above all of the others and that is my job as a mother,” says Breegan Jane. “With Carbie I wanted to share some of my own life lessons with young children and show them the importance of never giving up– no matter how bad things might get. It’s an important lesson for all kids to learn and for all of us to remind ourselves of time and again. We should all shine like the diamonds we are.”

Inspired by her travels to Kenya and her understanding of the trying circumstances many children face in the country, Breegan Jane created the gender-neutral Carbie as a way to teach children how our struggles often become our greatest accomplishments. The story focuses on Carbie’s growth following a difficult time of being stuck and seeing no way out. Carbie’s story highlights the moments in our lives when we are able to see the first crack of light leading us to a better future at a time when we have given up hope.

In addition to telling Carbie’s story of emotional growth, the book serves as a passive lesson in science by telling the story of how a diamond is created. The book also features talking points for parents to teach their children how carbon turns into a diamond in five easy steps. 

Featuring vibrant, playful illustrations, the self-published Carbie will appeal to children in the early-reading phase as well as younger children and their parents. The book will be published on June 1, 2019. You can pre-order your copy now at


About Breegan Jane

California native Breegan Jane is a mother and entrepreneur with an innate desire to inspire, empower, and advocate for women and mothers around the world. By successfully maintaining careers as an interior designer, real estate developer, philanthropist, and lifestyle expert, Breegan is the quintessential career mom who manages to balance her busy work life with her highest priority and greatest love: her two young sons. 

Breegan’s creative efforts have spawned the popular Mom Life Yo radio show and podcast (which ran for nearly 100 episodes through the end of 2018), a thriving online social media presence, and a flourishing interior design business. Having honed her design skills working as a creative director and marketing professional for a luxury yacht manufacturer, Breegan now devotes her time to design projects which run the gamut from celebrity and commercial properties to exquisite restaurants and large-scale remodels.

Between frequent online, radio, and TV appearances, Breegan serves as a partner with World Vision, where she dedicates her time to help women and children in Africa. Her generous support recently helped fund a newly commissioned girls dormitory and secondary school in Kenya. In this capacity, Breegan travels the globe with World Vision as an ambassador of hope and a change agent for communities around the world.

As a single mother, Breegan understands the importance of empowering diverse motherhood communities through interdependence, unity, and philanthropy. Throughout this and all of her other diverse endeavors, Breegan continues to authentically share her thoughts and experiences every week on her website, blog, and social media channels.

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