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A proud L.A. Valley girl, Veronica Navarro keeps busy. She has three kids: Vie, 10; Zoe, 3; and Levi, 2 with whom she spends a lot of time as a stay-at-home mom. She put her education career on hold to attend to mommy duties and with the support of her husband, launched The L.A. Mama blog.

“I write about motherhood and the struggles, trials and tribulations (as well as joys!) we deal with. I share my tips and tricks that work for me as a mother of three,” she says.

Her love for home design inspired her to remodel her house which she describes as a Mid Century Style home being remodeled into a Modern Spanish Hacienda style abode.

Also, “Vero” as many people call her, suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, an auto-immune disease that she’s been controlling with a balanced diet.

“Eating clean has become a part of my lifestyle,” she says. “I am happy to share my recipes and ideas for navigating a clean eating lifestyle. I LOVE food…occasionally I scatter food freedoms that are worth it to me.”

We appreciate your energy and candid blog posts, Vero— like when you shared your thoughts about every L.A. mom’s dreaded moment of realization that our Disney Annual Passes are about to expire. #DecisionsDecisions Thank you for opening up, Mama!


What inspired you to become a blogger?

I was inspired to become a blogger, after I stopped working and I was at home with the kids. Motherhood can be so lonely. Most of the time you’re making things up as you go. Its hard to get validation when there is no conclusion or end. You keep going and you keep giving your all. It’s really non-stop with no office hours. The mistakes we make feel that much more magnified because you’re really giving it all you’ve got! I knew there had to be other mothers out there like me looking for that validation, companionship and camaraderie you get in a workplace but not when your at home and haven’t showered in days. I knew there had to be other mothers out there like me. So I set out to be real about motherhood and find other moms who were feeling the same.  

What is your proudest Mommy Blogger Moment?

Just getting it done! Getting the site up and starting to write. Sometimes that’s the hardest part! Taking that time for myself to write felt so good!

What is your favorite place to take the kids in L.A?

Our favorite place to take the kids to is Disneyland (of course!). We are so fortunate to live in one of the top metropolitan cities where there are a million events, places and things to do any given day. I love our city of L.A.! Its so much fun exploring it with our kids!

What is your best Motherhood advice?

My best motherhood advice, don’t take it so hard on yourself. There will ALWAYS be laundry and dishes, the housework is endless! There won’t always be babies to cuddle, to laugh and play with. Stop and enjoy those moments, you deserve them too.


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Instagram: @the.real.LA.mama


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