The 5th Annual El Segundo Art Walk Opens on June 20th With 40 Artists


Featuring ‘STRAWS,’ an interactive art installation

Art enthusiasts and community members are invited to explore the exploding art scene in the ever-evolving Smoky Hollow and downtown neighborhoods of El Segundo. Studios and creative offices, along with restaurants and bars along Main and Franklin Streets, offer art lovers and culture seekers the chance to explore different exhibitions and pop-up galleries throughout the coastal community. The first Art Walk of the season kicks off Thursday, June 20th and will run on the third Thursday in July and August from 5-9 p.m.

Featured at the Art Walk is the kinetic art installation, STRAWS, a colorful structure that stands at an impressive 15-feet tall and made up of a staggering 12,000 plastic straws. The materials include integrated metal and plastic straws, which were all recovered from local Los Angeles beaches by volunteers from Surfrider and Shark Allies. The interactive installation was created by renowned artist James Peterson. The unique piece represents local efforts around Los Angeles to ban the single use of plastic straws. Carmen Zella, director of Now Art, facilitated and initiated the idea for this installation. STRAWS will be on display at the ESAW headquarters at 314 Main Street in El Segundo.

“The El Segundo Art Walk is a unique opportunity to highlight the city’s distinct neighborhoods, such as Smoky Hollow, along with local artistic talent and our diverse businesses. The Art Walk is a memorable experience for both locals and visitors,” said Barbara Voss, El Segundo Deputy City Manager. The free, self-guided art walk is presented and sponsored by the City of El Segundo.

“The Art Walk is an adventure with different experiences each time; be it discovering new amazing businesses in town, relishing artistic creations or connecting with new and old friends,” shared El Segundo Mayor Drew Boyles.

Additional highlights of this year’s El Segundo Art Walk will feature:

  • Pop-surrealistic artist Damian Fulton painting live at El Segundo Brewing Company to celebrate the release of its new beer.

  • Live music from Dane Drewis, Zeal Levin, and local DJ Tony Gadachy at El Segundo Art Walk headquarters, located at Main Street and Grand Avenue.

  • Uniquely curated exhibitions featuring local artists, sample beer from Golden Road and El Segundo Brewing Company.

  • Interactive art activities for both kids and adults: Kids will be able to paint a miniature playhouse, and parents can check their strollers into a valet, free of charge.

George Renfro, Director of the El Segundo Art Walk, sees the event as a love letter to the city he grew up in. “Our mission with the Art Walk is to highlight what we love about what’s always been here, but also provide a platform for what’s new,” Renfro said. “We want to give visitors, businesses and artists a reason to discover or have conversations about things they otherwise wouldn’t.”

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