Brunch with Broadway Star Megan Hilty To Celebrate her new show on Disney Junior

Photo Credit: Disney Junior/Todd Wawrychuk

Photo Credit: Disney Junior/Todd Wawrychuk

She Does It All!

By Kristin Cruz

She’s a Broadway star. She’s a TV star. And after spending some time with her talking mom-talk, I can tell you that Megan Hilty is a now our newest Best Mommy Friend too.

Megan Hilty (Wicked, 9 to 5, Noises Off) is an LA Mama just like us, except with Tony Nomination and two super hot shows hitting TV right now. In real life, she’s just like a normal Mom down the street who carpools your kids. Last week I met up with her along with a list of SoCal Mommy Bloggers who joined us for a special screening of her new Disney Channel show T.O.T.S.

Megan Hilty the Koala and Megan Hilty the Mama

Meagan juggles it all while handling family and career. But to look at her that day in the DISNEY CHANNEL building, she seemed to do it all so effortlessly. Being the down-to-earth girlfriend that she is, Megan admits we are just all “tired mamas”. That’s so true sista! I was standing there with about a pound of concealer under my eyes while drinking a Cold Brew and high-fiving a room of gal pals who totally get it. Megan is definitely a part of our tribe.

Wearing a black and white dotted jumpsuit with pink sakura flowers on it (and not one coffee stain anywhere!) she makes motherhood look easy. Actually, she makes it look FABULOUS. She showed up to the screening of her new Disney show with a big smile on her face, looking absolutely radiant with a bubbly approachable energy about her. Megan stars as KC the Koala in T.O.T.S. While taking on the role of this adorable singing Koala she’s simultaneously raising a family of two at home. Her son Ronan, has just turned 2. And Viola Philomena will soon be turning 5.


After the crowd of Mom Bloggers watched two episodes of T.O.T.S in the screening theatre, all of our littlest ones were running around in a Baby Shower themed party room designed by Disney Channel PR. The Disney chefs created a luxurious tablescape for Brunch filled with finger sandwiches, cheeses and macaroons. Megan, along with all the Moms, got a plate of food and mingled. The kids ran over to the display of T.O.T.S. playsets brought in by two women from Just Play Toys.

Megan Hilty is a regular Mom just like us!

I mentioned to Megan that I didn’t see her little ones at the party. She explained that her kids are coming to a later screening in the afternoon and that’ll be their first time experiencing a full episode of the show. She said they’re really excited about it, as is she! But I wondered if she thought her kids would be able to understand that KC The Koala, is actually Mommy? We had a laugh at how funny it is to work in the entertainment industry while raising little kids at home who get to do some really fun stuff because of our jobs, but we’re not entirely sure that they really “get it”- get what we do for a living.

Just then a 3 year old little girl who’s the daughter of a Mommy Blogger at the party was told she could meet Megan Hilty “the voice of KC the Koala”! She looked at us like we were crazy. She didn’t seem to compute what we meant by “the voice of”. She just stared at the real-life pretty blonde lady standing in front of her. How could she be the cartoon koala that she’d just been watching in the big screening room? Her face was so cute! She ran off to play with the little figurines Just Play Toys had displayed for all the little ones. That was the KC Koala the 3 year old girl was most interested in.

Thanks to Megan and Disney for a wonderful morning and a great show the whole family can enjoy!

Watch Disney’s T.O.T.S. on Disney Junior and the Disney Now App staring Megan Hilty.

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