I organized a ‘Women & Wealth’ Panel at Stacks House L.A. and the Experience was enRICHing


Money & Finances…Are You There Yet?

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By Annette Uribe, Investor & Financial Strategist

We have seen how politically motivated women are right now, but when it comes to money and investing, not so much.

Conversations about finances are very important and plainly stated— every woman should be having money talks.

An article published last year in Money Magazine stated that there’s a huge investment gap that’s costing women too much. We basically invest less than men yet we carry more debt. How is that progress?

I was beyond excited to host and moderate my first Women & Wealth event at Stacks House in Downtown L.A. on Saturday, May 18th. The event was held to empower and educate women and help them reach financial freedom. I want women to be inspired by other women and know they can have control of their own worth and wealth.

The event at Stacks House was a total success. This group of panelists was a perfect combination of boss ladies that shared stories about their successes and all the money mistakes and disappointments that went with them— to a room full of women.


The panel included:

Dr. Elena Rodriguez: OBGYN, Business owner of a successful private practice & Jewelry designer-

Angelica Haro: Entrepreneur and Financial Planner (seven-figure earner)

T Lopez: Speaker, Producer, Podcaster, and Entrepreneur

Melanie Darnell: CPA, Mom Influencer, and Health & Fitness advocate

Among the questions I asked the panelists during the event, here are some that stand out:

Q: What is holding women back from investing despite being more successful than ever before?

A: Women don’t like taking risk, overall women like saving their money. Investing and finances can be a little intimidating because most women out there don’t know the basics on how money works. – Angelica Haro

Q: For the women who are entrepreneurs or thinking of a side hustle, what recommendations do you have for them?

A: Number one, figure out if entrepreneurship is even for you. Talk to other women who are in a field that you want to be in and ask them the ins and outs of their business and they will tell you. Usually when you go into business for yourself it is because you are really passionate about something. – T. Lopez

Q: How is it that you are able to have a full time career, devote time to your three children, cater to you huge following on Instagram, and still prioritize your health and fitness?

A: This is one of my favorite topics to talk about, is balance because there is no such thing as balance. For me working out and having a little time of physical movement is really important to me so I prioritize that and spending time with my kids. And then everything else I work into that. Everyone’s priorities are different. -Melanie Darnell


It was an inspiring event and the event venue was utterly appropriate. Read more about Stacks House here.

Hope to see many moms at my next event!

Stay Wealthy,

Annette Uribe

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