Goodbye Summer Initiative to Empower L.A. through Photography


Free Rolls of Film

In celebration of the spirit that creatives across the country embody on a daily basis, burgeoning creative agency Finally Offline is proud to join forces with forward-thinking film company Gusto35 to collectively present the second-annual Goodbye Summer initiative.

Founded by Finally Offline and Gusto35 in 2018, Goodbye Summer is a community film experiment designed to bring creatives together as they explore their surroundings and document authentic experiences during the summer months. This year’s rendition is set to take place in LA and NYC respectively, during which participants will be given a free roll of film to capture moments from their summer, a time where bursts of inspiration are bountiful and adventure awaits at every corner.

After capturing moments that best represent the vibrant energy of summer, participants will be guided to return their completed rolls of film, either by way of stopping by a participating adidas location or by sending via mail to Gusto35 for processing. Next, Goodbye Summer will culminate at the end of the beloved season with a community art event showcasing photography from the community that encompasses all the tones of summer and serves as collective fuel for the benevolent year ahead.

With the second-annual Goodbye Summer initiative doubling as a debut partnership, Finally Offline is poised to become the vehicle that adidas enlists to connect directly with the culture and today’s creators, such as through different initiatives related to music, art, photography, design, fashion and literature. adidas Originals has a rich history of enabling projects that elevate creativity within the LA and NYC communities.

Throughout the duration of Goodbye Summer , Finally Offline will drive the outreach and storytelling from their point of view, creating original content that further showcases the ethos of being a brand built by creators, for creators. Through the hard-earned opportunity to work closely with adidas, the multifaceted athleisure brand is embracing and supporting Finally Offline’s dedication to amplify diverse voices and highlight those with a collective drive to push culture forward and make a bonafide impact through self-expression.

As Goodbye Summer unfolds, Finally Offline will create original content highlighting A$AP Lou, Visuals by Pierre and @Wuzg00d for representatives of New York City’s creative class, as well as will be featuring Global Dan, Xavi Sotomayor, Kai Art, Amber Asaly and Natalie Bebko as its Los Angeles representatives.

Finally Offline is an agency comprised of creatives that set out to highlight stories within the creative community, empowering others to continue elevating their crafts and honing their individuality. Following experiencing monumental success with Goodbye Summer’s inaugural event in 2018, Finally Offline and Gusto35 are grateful for the opportunity to continue expanding in partnership with adidas, continuing their desire to inspire others to express themselves freely while simultaneously building community rooted in tangible, timeless art.

Those who did not pick up film may participate by taking digital photos and uploading them to Instagram between June 28th, 2019 and midnight on August 9th 2019. The following hashtags must be included in the copy of the post: #HOMEOFCLASSICS, #GOODBYESUMMER, #YESADIDAS and @adidasLA or @adidasNYC must be tagged. By including the #YESADIDAS hashtag, users agree to release all rights of photos to adidas for any external or internal use to promote adidas or adidas products. Visit for more information.

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