Mom Blogger Monday: Heather Nieves

Photo: Tia Ellington | Merakii PhotographyPhoto: Tia Ellington | Merakii Photography

Body Positive Mentor

Three years ago Heather Nieves began practicing meditation and her life (and body) took such a positive turn, she went on a mission to help more women “fall truly, madly, deeply in love with themselves,” she says.

Having battled with weight issues, Heather, who has a 4-year old son named Ethan— decided to launch her Body Positivity Mentoring business where she promotes such offerings as a 7-Day Meditation experience, a 31 day Self-Acceptance Calendar and 7-Day Body positivity series, among other self-love initiatives. She’s also a yoga instructor (currently living in Temecula).

Heather often shares a lot of her experiences through vlogging.

“I love to talk but now I get to talk with purpose since I prefer video over writing,” she says.

Thanks, Mama! We love your messages because they help us love ourselves more too!

What inspired you to become a blogger?

I love to talk but now I get to talk with purpose since I prefer video over writing. Some call me a VLOGGER! I’m passionate about spreading the message of self acceptance especially to the Mommy community since we often struggle with Body Positivity most, after all the changes our bodies have gone through.

What is your proudest Mommy Blogger Moment?

Getting invited by Naza to join the LAMBT. Having her feel my message was important to share with the community meant the world to me and just being associated with an incredible group of women just motivates me to keep going!

What’s your favorite place to take the kids in LA?

Santa Monica Pier (maybe that’s more of a mom fave 🤣) or The Play Destination in Agoura Hills (an indoor playground for toddlers where they exert so much energy which means they sleep well! I mean isn’t that our mission each day ) oh and beaches in Malibu!!!!

What’s your favorite LA hangout without the kids?

Bhakti Yoga studio in Santa Monica is so intimate and you feel at home there. Or at least I did the few times I was able to go!

What’s your best motherhood advice?

Take time for yourself and let go of the #momguilt it’s necessary for your mental health to recharge. And if you can do it with some meditation then with your girlfriends magic happens!


Connect with Heather!

Instagram: @heathernievesmentor

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