A ‘Pop’ of Color and Flavors at this Year’s L.A. County Fair Menu


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Whether you’re looking to give your kids a chance to see real piggies and ponies up close or you’re hoping to catch MC Hammer and En Vogue in concert with your Mom Tribe, the 2019 L.A. County Fair has something for all types of mommy dates.

But nothing makes the nostalgic sights and sounds of the country’s largest fair as memorable as indulging in at least one item from the deep fried everything line-up. This year’s fair food menu options will not disappoint anyone looking for tasty, crunchy, sticky, greasy, sweet and even surprising palate experiences like fries that ‘pop’.  

Here’s a rundown of our favorite fried fair fare:

Chicken Charlie’s Buffalo Chicken Chimichanga

IMG_2982 2.jpg

Don’t walk away from the fair before trying this deep-fried delicacy that almost looks like a handmade Christmas stocking. It’s Chicken Charlie’s Buffalo Chicken Chimichanga and its new to the fair this year.

It’s made with Buffalo Chicken, Mac n Cheese and bacon, wrapped in a tortilla.

“The whole thing is deep fried so it’s nice and crispy,” says Chicken Charlie’s spokesman Chicken Tony.

Once the chimichanga is stuffed, it’s dipped in Buffalo Ranch and crumbled Flaming Hot Cheetos for a pop of color, a little bit of heat and plenty of texture.

Oh and if you start feeling guilty about its artery clogging potential, just think that it’s made with a spinach tortilla and spinach is a vegetable so really, the chimichanga is a vegetable. You get the idea.

Biggy’s Caramel Pop Fries


It’s hard to imagine them, yes. But dessert fries are a thing this year at the L.A. County Fair.

Once you let go of those obsessive salt and ketchup thoughts, you’ll find that cinnamon and whipped cream can make the famous deep fried potato sticks quite tasty too.

The Caramel Pop Fries are basically made with butter, cinnamon & sugar then topped with sea salt, caramel sauce, whipped cream, fruity pebbles and Pop Rocks… because this year “The Fair Goes Pop” and eating fries that pop when we take a bite is kinda’ necessary.

Chicken Charlie’s Pineapple Express Chicken Teriyaki & Shrimp Pineapple bowls


This item has been around for several years and a company spokesman said the pineapple bowls have become a fair “staple”.

It’s a healthier option for those looking for a more tropical meal. The pineapples are sliced in half, then carved and stuffed with your preference of shrimp or teriyaki chicken. The pineapple fruit gives the protein a delicious Hawaiian feel.

We’ll take one of each!

The Street UniCorn


Seriously though, what’s a street without street corn?

If you happen to be roaming around the colorfully decorated streets at the Pomona Fairplex this time of year, you mustn’t take another step before first heading to the nearest UniCorn cart. That’s where you’ll find a most tender and sweet corn on the cob dining option. The corn will be covered in mayo and Mexican crumbled cheese, except there won’t be any regular mayo and Mexican crumbled cheese—only rainbow colored mayo and cheese.

We tried one and started feeling the transformation… First the horn, then our wings came out…  

Biggy’s Spicy Cheeto Cheese Turkey Leg


Ok let’s face it. Turkey legs are delicious. Nacho cheese is delicious. Hot Cheetos are delicious. So the Midway Gourmet himself, Dominic Palmieri, decided to combine all three elements for something, well, delicious.

New this year at the L.A. County fair, we have a Turkey leg that looks scary and appetizing all at once.

It may feel a little intimidating to take a bite of the Spicy Cheeto Cheese Turkey Leg’s gooey, crunchy and meaty layers but once you’re in there, you’ll end up gobble, gobble, gobbling it all up.


Nitro Churro Pop


Just when we thought there was nothing that could upgrade our love of churros, the L.A. County Fair is offering the one and only Nitro Churro Pop cup. This one is a different type of churro that pretty much melts in your mouth.

The churro comes in medium-sized pieces and has an airy consistency, probably due to the fact that it’s prepared in liquid nitrogen. It features candied popcorn and it’s also topped with caramel sauce and pop rocks. We’ll just say you gotta try it. You’ll thank us later.

Bon Appetit at the L.A. County Fair.

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