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Makaila Nichols

Makaila Nichols

Kick Off National Anti-Bullying Month by Sending Keepsake Photos To the Lunar Surface

In recognition of October being National Anti-Bullying Month, Makaila Nichols — best-selling author, motivational speaker and founder of The Blatantly Honest Foundation — is inviting children, teens and whomever has been affected by bullying to participate in a real-life mission to the moon, dubbed “Operation Inclusion.” Planned for 3rd quarter 2021, individuals from across the globe are invited to take part in the lunar mission by sending in their photos. Through the foundation’s partnership with Celestis Inc., their capsule containing the photos will be placed inside Astrobotic’s Peregrine Lander that will reside on the moon’s surface.

The deadline for reserving a spot on the lunar mission payload is December 20th.

“Knowing firsthand what it feels like to be bullied and the dark place it can leave you in, I knew there was another way to reach our youth and help turn their perception and self-value around,” expresses Nichols. “Sending their photos to the moon is just the first step in breaking all boundaries, obstacles and doubt that so many children and teens experience on a daily basis.”

Nichols is on a life-long mission to change the stigma behind bullying and other social issues with The Blatantly Honest Foundation. By educating the public, encouraging students to share their stories and become blatantly honest in their own lives, the non-profit organization is now embarking on its next pursuit.

Operation Inclusion is a unique program to inspire today’s youth to take part in a journey to outer space. By sending photos of themselves to the moon, youth will be able to literally rise above all their worldly troubles and think about what a bully-free lunar culture might look like in contrast to ours on earth. With donations collected, the Blatantly Honest Foundation plans to do just that by creating a mobile game designed for kids.

Blatantly Honest Foundation has partnered with Capturelife as the exclusive technology platform to further their efforts in stemming the brutal effects of bullying and ultimately build strong and resilient youth. “We are very excited to have Capturelife as our Moon Mission technology partner,” explained Nichols, “The combination of the powerful Capturelife digital platform and the company’s extensive network of consumers and business partners, made this a perfect match.”

By signing up as a Moon Mission participant, individuals have the opportunity to give bullied victims an out-of-this-world opportunity to sign up for a mission, choose their donation package, upload the photo or photos they choose, and have their likeness live forever on the moon. They will also receive a certificate for participation in the mission and are encouraged to follow the foundation’s social media to stay up-to-date with launch information. The launch will be live-streamed or can be viewed in person from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Donation packages start at just $5. For more information and to get involved visit 

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