A Poll conducted by a Sex App Named the COVID-19 Generation of Babies




“Generation C” for the Win

The Covid-19 crisis is a very serious and scary situation internationally – but a more light-hearted topic is making us all smile a bit during this trying time.

Quaranteenies, Generation Q, Coronials, Pandemials…what will we call the baby boom caused by the Covid lockdown?

According to a new poll, “Generation C” should become the collective name for children conceived during the Covid-19 lockdown and born nine months later.

Generation C outscored the other names above in a national poll of 1,005 Americans conducted on behalf of Lover, a new sexual wellness app that seeks to improve sex lives.

“Generation C could go on to become also the name of an entire 15- or 20-year generation,” says Nick Pendle, co-founder of Lover.

“The Covid crisis feels like such a generation-defining event,” says Pendle, “that the whole age group most shaped by it will need a collective name – and ‘Generation C’ could be that too.”

Respondents to Lover’s poll picked their preferred name for the generation from a list of 10 suggestions.

Generation C topped the poll at 20%, a mere handful of votes more than ‘Generation Q’ (also 20%) while ‘Quaranteenies’ (19%) came in third, then Coronials (12%), Pandemials (11%) and Covinnials (6%), followed by Generation V (4%), Covidials (4%), Epidemials (2%) and Virennials (2%).

Lover is a personalized, science-based app for addressing sexual concerns. It provides audio and video content, as well as practical exercises, games, profiles, all designed to improve intimacy.

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