L.A. Investor Creates Kobe and Gigi Bryant Tribute Car


Investor Pays Tribute to Kobe on 2019 BMW i8 convertible

Real Estate investor Yanni Raz used his creativity to play a tribute to legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. Born and raised in Israel, Raz knows the impact Kobe Bryant’s tragic dead had in the world. He used his personal car and hired cartoonist Todd Harris to work on a detailed drawing that will capture the essence of Bryant and Gigi.

“I needed the right person to immortalize Kobe and his daughter Gianna in my car, then I called my good friend and cartoon artist Todd Harris,” said Raz. “Todd couldn’t be happier to take part of my crazy idea, he himself is a Kobe Bryant fan. Todd is a savvy cartoonist, it was a sensitive project, for several days we went back and forth, He wanted to capture the right image, the right emotions of Kobe and Gianna.”

Like Yanni Raz, Todd has a daughter. In thinking about their tribute they talked about how fatherhood changes your life. Kobe had a special bond with all of his daughters, however, Gianna was his soulmate, the one following his footsteps. This helicopter crash was tragic in many ways, most of us are focused on Kobe and his daughter dying, let’s not forget the other seven people, other families that also lost their loved ones.

For Raz spending the money in a project many viewed as non-sense didn’t matter, he believed in showing respect for someone that was not only an inspiration in the basketball court, but beyond it.

You can spot Yanni Raz in the streets of Los Angeles, driving the car that many see now as memorabilia.

To view the tribute video, click here.

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