L.A. Moms Debut ‘Sunnie’ With Healthy, Plant-Forward DIY Meals For Kids


Prepared Fresh With Simple, 100% Organic Ingredients

Sunnie Delivers Nutritious DIY Lunches For Kids in L.A.

When L.A. Moms Katy Tucker and Lisette Howard realized how overwhelming things can get preparing multiple kids meals per day, especially with limited time— they found themselves searching for alternative, convenient mealtime solutions for their children. But all they found were unhealthy, over-processed meals, each with extremely high levels of sodium and saturated fat and lacking the nutrients kids need for a healthy, balanced diet.

“We recognized an opportunity to disrupt a kids’ food space saturated with unhealthy, over processed meal options,” says Tucker. “We set out to provide a unique mealtime experience designed to promote healthy, simple and nutritious meals that kids love made with real food from clean ingredients – the way it should be.”

Their company, Sunnie is L.A.’s new maker of healthy, plant-forward and convenient DIY kids’ meals perfect for on-the-go or when there’s just no time to cook. Sunnie is dedicated not only to providing fun and nutritious meals for kids, but also to building better eaters for the future by creating engaging mealtime experiences backed by science and research.


The Los Angeles-based food startup debuted with its plant-powered take on three kid-favorite classics – pizza, tacos and PB&J – each packed with up to 20g of protein and 10g of fiber.

Tucker and Howard enlisted the help of Jill Castle, MS, RDN, one of the country’s leading pediatric nutrition experts, to determine what kids should be eating in order to meet the nutritional needs of their growing bodies. After extensive research and recipe development, the efforts resulted in Sunnie pre-made lunches – delicious, 100% organic, plant-forward go-to meals with high-quality ingredients that both parents and kids can “feel Sunnie about.”

“The food choices and decisions parents make, for themselves and for their children, can have lasting effects on a child’s eating habits, even into adulthood,” explains Castle. “Further, studies have shown that kids who are engaged in their own meal preparation, such as readying ingredients, become invested in mealtime entirely differently than if it’s prepared for them. The hands-on, build-your-own aspect of Sunnie meals, with healthy, plant-forward ingredients empowers children to make it their way.”

Sunnie’s pre-made lunches have more protein and fiber than the leading supermarket pre-made lunches. Using fresh alternative ingredients, such as Sunbutter (sunflower seed alternative), cassava flour, and strawberry beet jam, Sunnie boasts unmatched nutrition with an abundant amount of macro & micronutrients within each meal kit. Available in two sizes – Lil Shine and Full Shine (includes smoothie) – each meal includes a main build-it-yourself entree, seasonal veggies and a sweet treat (dates or cookies):

“Sunnie is focused on ensuring kids feel their best by eating their best,” says Howard. “In addition to providing healthy, build-your-own mealtime experiences, our partnership with The Los Angeles Boys & Girls Club is especially rewarding. Through our collaboration we’re dedicated to ensuring Sunnie meals and food education is accessible to underserved communities through our initiative: Spread Some Sunnie.”

The Spread Some Sunnie program, in partnership with the Los Angeles Boys & Girls Clubs, surprises club members on Fridays with Sunnie pizza parties while providing important education on healthy eating habits. Sunnie customers can donate meals to these surprise parties by visiting the Sunnie online store and selecting “Donate” for the delivery option. Sunnie will also automatically donate one meal kit every month for every new monthly meals subscriber.

Sunnie meal kits are currently available via subscription delivery on FeelSunnie.com starting at $7.25 each, with weekly delivery within the greater Los Angeles area.

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