New L.A. Mural Honors Frontline Medical Professionals with Inspiring COVID-19 Message


street art mural painted by L.A. artist Samir Evol

L.A.-based Barco® Uniforms announced the completion of a new COVID-19 mural that honors “Healthcare Heroes.” The mural, located at 2010 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica and commissioned through a partnership with Beautify Earth, delivers an uplifting message: You Bring Hope.

Barco selected LA street artist Samir Arghandwall for his renowned ability to capture human emotions with an added dimension of realism. Arghandwall, who goes by Evol, has painted murals for more than two decades. Using a 12′ x 20′ wall as his canvas, he created a stunningly powerful depiction of four Healthcare workers that honors them as true superheroes battling COVID-19 and treating patients. Evol’s remarkable talent is on full display as he captures the intense emotions that come with working on the frontlines of a hospital during the pandemic. The project took him approximately three weeks to complete.

“This mural pays tribute to all Healthcare professionals for the incredible work they are doing during this unprecedented time,” said David Murphy, president and CEO of Barco Uniforms. “There has never been a more meaningful year to honor medical workers with a message of positivity, as they are the real heroes who serve others. We believe it is of utmost importance to bring awareness to those who risk their lives every day, and this mural is a small way to honor them and pay our respects.”

Beautify Earth is a nonprofit that connects artists, landlords and funding sources to convert our world’s outdoor wall spaces into public art galleries, which have proven economic and social benefits for businesses and communities. 

“Beautify started almost a decade ago in Santa Monica, and our gratitude for our local community is also what inspired us to get involved and make things better,” explained Evan Meyer, CEO of Beautify Earth. “Allowing local artists and cultures to shine on the millions of blank walls means immense impact for communities through visual experience, wellbeing, economics, and smiles. Beautify and Barco are now honoring those putting their health and safety at risk to serve us, and we couldn’t be more proud to reflect our gratitude, and give back to our local communities in this way.”

“We are grateful to have partnered with Beautify Earth and the opportunity to collaborate with a local LA artist on this exceptionally heartfelt project,” said Peggy Schulz, VP of Corporate Marketing at Barco Uniforms. “We wanted a meaningful way to visually express our feelings of gratitude and pay tribute to all Healthcare Heroes.  Partnering with Beautify Earth gave us the opportunity to bring our vision to life in the most beautiful way imaginable.   It is truly a gift to be shared by millions – or in this case, billions around the globe.”

The mural is located at SportsFit Physical Therapy & Fitness at 2010 Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, CA.

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