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An affordable, fun shopping experience

L.A. Mom Courtney Kanner Fishman, CEO of My Little Outfit™ had a vision when she realized the value and sustainability benefits of choosing upscale, gently loved clothing over full price retail lines for herself and for her children. Fishman recently launched her upscale/resale website for children’s clothing, where she curates fashionable outfits for sizes 0-6 years and growing. The concept maximizes budget, organizes closets and benefits the environment. Offering more than 100 brands from Mayoral to Gucci, My Little Outfit’s Shop Wear Trade™ model offers a myriad of fashion-forward outfits all at the same low price of $18.99.


Parents can buy an individual outfit or take advantage of the My Little Outfit™ Membership Program for a remarkable value and great benefits. Members receive 4 outfits (8+ items) monthly for $64.99 including shipping and a versatile laundry bag. Rather than receiving a surprise box that may or may not suit their style needs, My Little Outfit™ members can select outfits that they love on a monthly basis.

“Meeting the evolving fashion demands of growing children doesn’t have to involve buying new items at retail prices. We provide families an affordable, fun shopping experience by providing a one-stop-shop for unique, designer outfits,” said Fishman.

Children can wear each outfit once, as many times as they’d like, or keep the apparel forever. The Trade option allows parents to trade-in clothing purchased from My Little Outfit™ as well as other sources that meet the company’s criteria as simple as requesting a Trade Bag and sending items in. My Little Outfit™ then determines the Heartcoin credit. Each Heartcoin is equivalent to one outfit ($18.99 value). 

The cost to clothe a child can top $2,000 annually. Most children average six months in one size before outgrowing it and move through seven sizes within the first five years of life. Buying new seasonal items and replacing quickly outgrown garments is a continuous expense that weighs on a family’s budget and carbon footprint. Companies like My Little Outfit™ are finding creative solutions to bring new life to upscale clothing that would remain unused or in landfills. Buying gently loved™ clothing offsets negative environmental impacts by limiting CO-2 emissions, pesticides, fertilizers and billions of gallons of water to generate new clothes.

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