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Blow a Bubble and Chill

Just when you thought it was time to stop reading news about COVID, rising gas prices and world crises, we’re here to save the day and redirect your attention to the topic of chewing gum. 

The reason? Our favorite bean-shaped candy, Jelly Belly® released its very own chewing gum companion, Jelly Belly® Sugar-Free gum, and the combination may actually prove to be quite fruitful. And we’re not just referring to its pleasant, fruity essence. Studies show chewing gum has health benefits and we’re here to blow you away with this knowledge.

The act of masticating the soft, cohesive substance actually goes back centuries when people would chew on sticky, tacky tree sap. Today, the practice often involves a flavorful, colorful and Bubble-y experience.

What’s interesting is that chewing gum has been the subject of extensive research and in case you missed it, scientists have discovered it has the following benefits:

* Reduces Stress. The Journal of Clinical and Translational Research published a report that in a laboratory study, chewing gum was associated with reduced self-reported stress and anxiety.

* Improves your memory. A UK study revealed that people who chewed gum through tests had improved short-term and long-term memory.

* Helps fight sleepiness. A study by Coventry University’s Department of Psychology found that chewing gum “limited the increase in pupillary unrest.” In other words, it helps people battle the afternoon yawns. 

* Helps eliminate nausea. The Journal of Anesthesia published a report that concluded chewing gum is better than drugs for relieving nausea after surgery. Other reports say a piece of gum helps ease stomach unrest. 

* Reduces heartburn. Following a meal with a piece of gum is known to reduce acid levels in the esophagus.

* Improves dental health. One study found that sugar-free gum sweetened with xylitol (just like the Jelly Belly® gum) has been shown to reduce cavities and plaque. 

And of course, although not necessarily scientifically-proven, chewing gum also freshens your breath, frequently produces smiles and matches fruity scents you imagine to delicious flavors you enjoy. Such is the case with the four Jelly Belly® Sugar-Free gum flavors: Very Cherry, Watermelon, Island Punch and Berry Blue available nationwide at Party City, Dollar General and Amazon. The data is there. You chews.  

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