An L.A. Mom is Running for L.A. City Attorney and we’re diggin her campaign

Sherri Onica Valle Cole says she’s ready to run one of the country’s biggest public law firms

Long-time former criminal prosecutor, teacher, and mother of two, Sherri “Onica” Valle Cole is running for Los Angeles City Attorney against six other candidates.  If elected, valle cole would become the first female, first black person and the first Latina to acquire the powerhouse seat. 

Valle Cole is not unfamiliar with the job. For nearly 16 years, she served as a criminal prosecutor for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office specializing in Consumer Fraud and Workplace Protection, developing a reputation of prosecuting consumer-related crimes with grace, skill, tenacity, and integrity.  From cracking down on unlicensed contractors who defrauded homeowners, charging property owners who allowed their real estate to be used as drug houses, to protecting consumers and small businesses from identity theft and fraud, Valle Cole has stood firm against corruption.  

My background includes supporting, engaging, and reviewing the entire LA City justice system.  I know what it’s like to be a judge, a prosecutor, a defense attorney, and a citizen,” says Valle Cole.

From 2016 to 2019, Valle Cole was appointed as a Temporary Judge for the Los Angeles Superior Court.  After a career of speaking up within an embattled office and a tenure in private practice, Valle Cole seeks her return to office to clean out past corruption and restore confidence between the City Attorney’s office and the public.  

Valle Cole’s campaign is focused on mental health and homelessness, transforming law enforcement, criminal justice reform, empowering economic development, environmental justice, and more!
I am the most qualified candidate running for this position,” states Valle Cole. 

To learn more about Onica’s story, campaign, visit

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