LA Illustrator Creates Unique Take on ABC’s


3-D Characters Bring A New Dimension to the Alphabet

If singing the ABCs to your preschooler is proving fruitless in your effort to teach your child those unequivocal 26 letters, then we may have found a creative solution– a one-of-a-kind ABC book titled Letterheads, designed and illustrated by Los Angeles based artist, Stefan Bucher.

“LetterHeads is a creative graphic design book where the letters come to life as characters to create a playful, emotional alphabet vocabulary,” explains Bucher.

Utilizing cutting-edge 3D modeling software, the book’s letters are molded and carved to convey quirky personality traits and essential emotions. The book showcases an innovative approach to letterform creation, combining decorative lettering with the crisp digital modeling of a Pixar movie.

Each letter arrives with a humorous story and plenty of alliteration that may or may not provoke additional questions from your child. Take for example, the letter “G”:

Guillermo is glad whenever Gaetán glides in with gossip.

We love it, even if it means explaining to our five year old what gossip means.

Bucher’s Letterheads are presented with colorful backgrounds, each described at the end of the book. The characters are also meaningful to him.

“It’s inspired by the real people of Los Angeles,” says Bucher.

This book celebrates diversity with an intriguing color palette and unique combination of character design and typography.

It’s a fun read for adults with amusing characters.

Best of all, Letterheads lets lucky little learners love letters!

More information: Letterheads

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