Momcozy Teams Up with Babylist to Celebrate Motherhood

Supporting Mothers in their Journey

Momcozy Teams Up with Babylist to Celebrate Motherhood

Over 20 Featured Products

Mother’s Day Festivity at Babylist

In celebration of Mother’s Day this year, Momcozy, the popular brand that caters to mothers and babies, will be hosting an exclusive brand event at Babylist Beverly Hills. This event promises to be an exciting addition to the Mother’s Day festivities.

Babylist is the trusted platform for millions of growing families, with products and services across health, media, and commerce. Through its baby registry, comprehensive product guides, and health offerings Babylist simplifies the journey for expectant and new parents.

Babylist Beverly Hills, Showroom is designed for expecting and new parents to see, feel, test and get to know the many baby products needed to welcome their little one and see how these items will fit into their home — they can test drive the best selection of strollers, find their perfect nursery aesthetic, and get hands on with all the baby gear they need. Spanning 18,000 square feet, the showroom curates an array of brands, including Momcozy’s dedicated brand showcase, offering essential products across various categories to support those embarking on the adventure of family planning and registry creation.

Momcozy’s partnership with Babylist started in June 2023. Since, Momcozy has launched over 20 featured products on the platform, including innovative breast pumps, massagers, feeding appliances, milk bags, and a range of top-rated consumer goods, home textiles, and underwear. This extensive product lineup is designed to cover the full maternity cycle, meeting the diverse needs of mothers.

Athena, the founder of Momcozy, speaks from a place of deep understanding and empathy in speaking about Momcozy’s founding mission. “As a woman, I’ve witnessed firsthand the myriad of challenges that women encounter,” she said. “The transition from girlhood to womanhood, and then to motherhood, brings the joy of nurturing a new life, pain of childbirth, the discomforts of post-pregnancy, and the weight of balancing work with family responsibilities. These are profound experiences, that no single product can fully address.”

In regards to Momcozy’s inception, it was born out of a desire to honor and support mothers in their journey. Athena continues, “I saw the need for a change, and felt every mother’s feeling. Acknowledging, accepting, and understanding their experiences led me to create Momcozy. Our pumping bras and wearable breast pumps were designed with a simple, yet profound goal: to free up mothers’ hands, making breastfeeding a more comfortable and manageable part of their lives.”

The ethos of Momcozy is clear: mothers come first. The brand encourages mothers to retain their individuality and to continue being themselves, even as they embrace the role of a parent. “I envision Momcozy as a brand that allows mothers to unwind, simplifying their lives in meaningful ways,” Athena said. “I’m more than happy to see Momcozy being exposed to more mothers through the Babylist platform, making their life simpler and easier.”

Driven by this vision, the core team at Momcozy is unwavering in its commitment to swift product development and innovation. The designs that emerge are not merely comfortable; they are the embodiment of affection and care. As Mother’s Day approaches, Momcozy is set to honor motherhood, reinforcing its mission to be a user-oriented brand that remains resolute in its support for every customer, accompanying them on the path of motherhood with steadfast dedication.

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