Juanita’s Breaks Guinness World Record for Largest Menudo Soup



GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS has confirmed that the largest menudo soup in the world was prepared in Wilmington over the weekend.

With the help from culinary students from The Art Institutes, chefs from Juanita’s Foods made history with the Largest menudo soup during an event held at Juanita’s headquarters in Wilmington, Calif. to celebrate National Menudo Month.

A massive 300-gallon kettle was used to cook the traditional Mexican-style soup, which weighted 2,439 lbs. and was prepared with 980 lbs. of tripe in beef bone stock, 600 lbs. of Juanita’s Original Mexican Style Hominy, and 171 lbs. of spices including a mix of Guajillo, Ancho, Arbol and Chipotle peppers. 

“Soup is the taste of life at Juanita’s. Today we are honored to share the tradition of menudo, one of our favorite soups, with our community and friends,” said Aaron De La Torre, Juanita’s CEO, maker of the #1 selling menudo in the U.S.  

“Juanita’s Foods has been an exemplary community business for decades,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. “When I heard about today’s record-setting event, I had to be here, because not only is menudo the life blood of our culture, but it is the Mexican breakfast of champions.” 

Latino celebrities, including Mexican actress Angélica María and Mexican Regional Music singer Jonatan Sanchez, joined hundreds who took part in the history-making celebration. The event also marked the conclusion of Juanita’s Vive la Tradición Menudo Contest. Adalia Quiroga, from San Bernardino, was named California Queen of Homemade Menudo, winning a new Kia Soul. 

About Juanita’s
Juanita’s is a third generation family-owned and operated business based in Wilmington, California. Founded in 1946 by George de la Torre Sr. and his nephew, the company carries on a strong family tradition and business legacy by producing authentic home-style Mexican foods. Juanita’s products include flavorful soups, sauces and stews made with the best quality ingredients and delivered ready to eat. It’s signature menudo comes from the recipe of George de La Torre’s wife, Ruth Guerrero. 

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