The Ultimate Galentine’s Day Shopping Guide for your #MomTribe


Congrats, Mom!

Congrats, Mom! You survived the Holidays. You decorated your house, baked cookies for Santa, Heck, you even managed to get your family matching PJ’s in time for the annual Christmas Tree IG photo.

But now, as we’re entering the first week of February and the mountains of wrapping paper and empty boxes have finally vanished from the recycle bin, it occurs to you— it’s time to splurge again! But this time, for your #MomTribe— You know, those badass fellow mommies that manage to keep you sane when motherhood feels like everything is too much? Yes, those ladies. They deserve some love too.

The good news is, we’ve done the homework and compiled a list of awesome Valentine’s Day, er, Galentine’s Day options for your tribe.

What’s more, the following products are all by mom-owned brands, the majority of which are headquartered in Los Angeles. We really dig the following finds, because we feel they take our idea of #MomsSupportingMoms to level 1,000.  

Happy Shopping and Happy Galentine’s Day!

Dress like a #BossMom

They’re comfortable, easy and priced just right. The following tops & sweaters are brought to you by local #mombosses who’ve each launched their own L.A.-based mom support networks and designed fashionable pieces to complement their brands.

Here Today Gone Tomato(4).png

  1. The Mamahood Tee — The lady behind the Mamahood Tee, Dre, designed this t-shirt with Old English lettering that offers a cool L.A. street vibe. She created the t-shirt as a way of showing appreciation for her own “mamahood journey (with ZERO kids)”. Dre has created a mom-support network and has made her product “the tee that pays it forward” with t-shirt proceeds going toward helping moms invest in self-care. For more information/to purchase a Mamahood Tee, click here.

  2. Expressing Motherhood Merch — If you haven’t made it out to one of Lindsay Kavet’s “Expressing Motherhood” stage shows, then you’re missing out on a powerful evening of mom stories. The good news is, you can still support the production by purchasing Expressing Motherhood merchandise like t-shirts and hoodies. Visit to learn more.

  3. MamaGang Hoodie — The recently launched Mama Gang fashion brand was the brainchild of L.A. Mom, Brittany Bell who is the founder of a woman’s empowerment organization, The NonCompete, and was once crowned Miss Universe Guam. The concept behind Mama Gang? “Motherhood has no segregation. We united in the strength of love and sacrifice” $79.99

  4. Madre Sweater — A talented sketch artist, Ivy Ponce has been designing clothes and showing her love of Los Angeles through her work. This madre sweater is both warm and features Ivy’s signature heart in two different locations…perfect for a winter morning Valentine’s Day stroll. $35

  5. Doña Mamá Tank— Mommy In L.A., Annette Uribe is a Prenatal and Postpartum Wellness Coach. She also designed this cool shirt whose sales help fund L.A.-area mom events. Featured on the tee is the legendary Mexican actress, Maria Felix, also known as La Doña (Spanish for Madam). Seriously though, how cool is Madam Mamá!? $22

Organize Thyself

In these busy days of trying to figure it all out with balance, self-love and children, we say it’s practical to give your girls a chance to flip pages instead of swiping screens. Here are some handy tools for your mom friend who needs a little organization in her life, a good read or a some nice illustrations to remind her that #LAMomsRock

Books, Planners.png

  1. Momtrepreneur Planner — This 2019 monthly organizer is for the busy, business-minded mom. It was created by Laurie Castillo after years of collecting different organizers and realizing none of them covered her needs as a mommy and business owner aka a Momtrepreneur! The planner’s black, white and chartreuse color combination is a whole mood. $39.95

  2. Los Angeles Is… — A lovely board book by photographer & L.A. Times Travel writer Elisa Parhad that takes you from our city’s taco trucks to the tar pits. This stylish primer to California’s City of Angels, illustrated by Alexander Vidal, is spot-on for toddlers and first-time travelers (and a great coffee table addition too). $11.99

  3. Restless in L.A. — A mother beleaguered by stress and frustrated aspirations takes a major risk with an online fling in this debut novel by L.A. mom, Robin Finn. The book is a great excuse to put the phone away and savor the good ol’ page-flipping experience. Plus, we love Robin because she’s a local writing coach and an Inner-peace enthusiast. $16.00

  4. RawwTalks Illustration, 2017 — A colorful & empowering print by L.A. Artist Crystal Domi that reminds us to stay strong, nurture ourselves and meditate always. We can already imagine this print in our office, our living room, our kitchen, our kids’ rooms or on our next tattoo. Breathe, Love and kick ass, Mama! For art/reprint pricing contact Crystal Domi.

  5. The Oh Joy! Book — This fun and colorful craft book allows us to channel our inner Joy Cho. She’s the color-loving designer mom behind Oh Joy! an accessory brand that has landed major contracts at Target and collaborated with other talented artists on sold out-collections. The book offers a beautiful, colorful, inspired guide to help anyone bring joy and whimsy into their lives with stylish projects, from home decor to food to fashion. $27.50

Look & Feel Good

Beauty Stuff.png

  1. Purlisse Watermelon Energizing Sheet Mask — Don’t let sun-parched skin get you down, L.A. Moms! Revive with the power of hydrating watermelon for that sun-kissed summer glow. Watermelon is all the rage, known for its moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. These skin nourishing ingredients boast anti-inflammatory properties to fight breakouts, redness and even fine lines. Thanks for another great product, #bossmom Jennifer Yen! $8 / $36 for 6 Pack

  2. Sphynx 3-in-1 Portable Razor — This product is genius. The mom founder of Sphynx, Leila Kaishiani, figured it out for all of us. She created a click-and-twist disc that contains a razor, a sprayer bottle and a shave bar so we can get rid of that sneaky patch of hair that appeared on our knee as we were headed to date night. When juggling a shower and mommy duties becomes too much, it’s Sphynx to the rescue. $15

  3. The Giving Keys Necklace — Wearing a key as a pendant never seemed attractive until an L.A. Mom made it so. Caitlin Crosby founded the Giving Keys, a company that takes homeless people off the streets and gives them a job while upcycling used keys and turning them into jewelry. Every Giving Key sale helps the homeless community of Skid Row. $42

  4. LA ORIGINAL Necklace — Because nothing says L.A. better than a dainty Rose Gold necklace by local mom designer Maya Brenner. Her designs can often be found at LA Original popups. Very soon we hope they can be found hanging from our necks too! The LA Original logo necklace comes in a 16-18″ adjustable rolo chain. $98

  5. The Mitty — A soft and cute special cloth creation whose clever shape allows your finger to do most of the makeup removal work. The Mitty grabs all the makeup and grime without tugging or abrading your delicate skin, and the pointed tip is perfect for small areas like the eyes and lash line. $14

Snacking Makes Everything Better

What better way to get us through the long days of being annoyed at temper tantrums and teenage talk-backs— than snacking (or drinking)!? Just make sure you hide the following yummies (just like you did with the Halloween Candy):

Books, Planners copy.png

  1. Drago’s Cantina Margaritas — A ready-to-pour Margarita Drink Mix awaits in a visually inviting box with a Warhol-esque design that gets us in a good mood just by looking at it. It’s #TheUnboringCocktail. The mom behind Drago’s Cantina, Mina Trujillo, once owned a cosmetics empire and sold it. She also ran a PR Company with an impressive roster of clients including President Barack Obama. Cheers, Mina! We’re toasting to you with a Drago’s Cantina Cucumber Jalapeño Margarita! $22

  2. Twisted 4 Sugar Cotton Candy Containers — What’s better than a delicious, fluffy cloud of flavored sugar melting in your mouth? A delicious, fluffy cloud of flavored sugar melting in your mouth that can be carried inside your purse! Millenial Mama Lucia Rios is the CEO of Twisted 4 Sugar, an L.A. Cotton Candy company that now sells cotton candy containers for your on-the-go sugar fix. For $20 you get three 24-oz containers.

  3. Popped Passion Chocolate Lover Bundt Cake — Who needs potato chips when you can eat whole grain popcorn mixed with your favorite pop-ins? This new line of customized popcorn cakes helps us eat America’s 2nd favorite snack food in a very sweet way. Birthday cakes, Valentine’s Day treats and corporate treats can now be delivered with the fun flavor of popcorn and it’s all thanks to Maria Bailey, a bonafide bossmom (google her name and you’ll see why) who knew it was time for a popcorn upgrade. $25

  4. TryMyT Beverage — This L.A.-Based Iced Tea is a super refreshing, lightly sweetened iced tea that quenches your thirst, leaving you with a good “ummm” at the end of every sip! The Founder & CEO Dawn Patton, is a mom who’s already secured big distribution contracts at two L.A. sports stadiums. She says her tea recipe originated in the South which is why it’s “brewed for the soul.”

  5. This Bar Saves Lives — In a world saturated with protein bar options, celebrity mommy Kirsten Bell’s, This Bar Saves Lives stands out because for every bar purchased they give food aid to a child in need. One for one. Bar flavors include Wild Blueberry & Pistachio, Dark Chocolate & Cherry and our favorite— PB&J! $23.99 / Box of 12

For mice-Loving Moms

The most famous mouse in the world happens to live in SoCal (Disneyland was Walt Disney’s first theme park, which opened its doors in 1955) Many L.A. Moms know the mouse very well and visit him often which is why we figured that if your Disney-lovin’ mom friends receive one of the following gifts, they’ll live happily ever after.  

Books, Planners copy(2).png

  1. Petunia Pickle Bottom Inter-Mix Deluxe Kit in Mickey’s 90th — This awesome diaper bag company based out of Ventura, CA, has partnered with Disney to create super adorable Mickey bags like this irresistible kit where you can store all of baby’s accessories or… all of your make-up and hair tools (just sayin’). The founder of Petunia Pickle Bottom, Desai Jones says her idea behind the brand was to offer a bag with a built-in changing station. This Mickey design goes for $198

  2. Besame Cosmetics Mickey Red Lipstick — It’s the perfect shade to wear with a pair of Mickey Ears during a visit to the Happiest Place on Earth and it comes in the perfect tube that celebrates the mouse’s 90th birthday in a Classic Mickey design. Mommy in L.A. and vintage makeup connoisseur Gabriela Hernandez came up with this line and the items are so popular, they’re almost sold out. If you want to make your purchase extra special, buy the tube in person, at the storefront in Burbank. $24

  3. Mickey Mouse Ears 2-Piece Candy Bento Box by Sugarfina — Cheers to the ears – it’s a celebration, and Sugarfina’s bringing the candy party. A perfect gift for any Disney fan, their collectible Mickey Ears 2pc Candy Bento Box is filled with two limited-edition candies created for Mickey’s 90th anniversary, Mickey Ears and Mickey Gloves. Sugarfina’s CEO Rosie O’Neill (a stepmom to her business partner’s kids) probably figured that if moms can’t make it out to the Mouse House, they’d be happy indulging in these comfort gummy snacks! $26

  4. MouseVibes Disney Hats — These are fun, chic, affordable and they’re made by L.A. Mommy, Kristina Thompson who just gets the SoCal hat-lovin’ lifestyle. The hats are homemade and come in a variety of styles and designs for kids and adults. They’re a great way to twin with the littles or match with your tribe during a moms-only Disney visit! $20.50

  5. Harvey’s Minnie Mouse Convertible Crossbody — This convertible bag arrived just in time to help us plan our next photo sesh at Disneyland. The adorable bag serves as a crossbody and backpack and comes with a Minnie Mouse keychain mirror too. The #bossmom behind Harveys (Dana Harvey) and her husband surely knew we would all go crazy for this bag so they’re even offering styling ideas on the website! $198

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