What Women Really Want: Valentine’s Day Confessions


How Women Really Feel About V-Day

Do you really need flowers and candy this Valentine’s Day to get in the mood for some frisky fun? With the romantic holiday right around the corner, Summer’s Eve, trusted feminine care leader, is getting to the heart of how women really feel about February 14th. From the debate on minimal vs meticulous beauty routines or steamy date night vs staying home and binge watching the latest hit show, women are divulging how they plan on crossing hot and heavy priorities off their list this Valentine’s Day.

To finally settle the score, the results from a telling “How Ladies Do V-Day” survey, offers a revealing look at how women today are redefining the holiday to satisfy their modern moods – whether it’s romantically reserved or fabulously feisty!

In the brand’s first-ever Valentine’s Day survey of women across the country, respondents gave up the racy details about what Valentine’s Day looks like for women in 2018.

Who Will Be Mine?: 

  • While women’s views of Valentine’s Day have changed over the years, the excitement around being with their lover on the special day has remained the same – yet the lack of a date hasn’t deterred them from finding ways to celebrate the day. Survey results found that 61% of women spend Valentine’s Day with a date or significant other, 30% fly solo by spending it alone and 9% pal up with their friends. 


  • When it comes to the great debate of going out or staying in, a majority of women (58%) would rather skip the crowds and spend Valentine’s Day at home chilling out rather than on an extravagant date.

A Date with Intimacy:

  • What’s on the to-do list this Valentine’s Day? Survey results found that 62% of women view getting intimate as a priority on Valentine’s Day. Millennials (74%), are especially eager to get under the covers, compared to older generations. 

Cuddling Up Won’t Cut It:

  • Survey results found that the pressure is on when it comes to getting it on! More than half of women (58%) agree that Valentine’s Day is the best time to try new things in the bedroom! In fact, that number is even higher among moms (67%) and ladies who are married or in a relationship (65%).  

Passion Prep: 

  • With all the time set aside for bedroom antics, women will be engaging in extensive beauty routines this Valentine’s Day – even prioritizing feminine care over getting a hot outfit! The top ways women plan to get ready this February 14th are:
    • Shaving or waxing (63%)
    • Picking the perfect scent (50%)
    • Selecting special lingerie (43%)
    • Using feminine hygiene products (36%)
    • Buying a new outfit (35%)
  • Women are taking their sweet time to get ready for Valentine’s Day! Nearly half (47%) of women who ever go out on Valentine’s Day estimate they’ll spend at least an hour preparing for their V-Day date. Millennials will be starting their routine earlier than their older counterparts, requiring an average of 60 minutes, compared to a slightly speedier 47 minutes for Boomers.

For The Love Of Money:

  • Looking good for Valentine’s Day is not only time-consuming, but it’s also breaking the bank. On average, women spend about 30% more getting ready for a Valentine’s Day date than they do for a regular date. Millennials are the biggest spenders when it comes to dolling themselves up for love, with more than a third (34%) estimating they spend 50% or more on their Valentine’s date prep than a regular date, while only 19% of Baby Boomers said the same.

I’ll Be There For You:

  • For some women, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating bonds with their best buds. Given the choice between a few famous duos to spend the holiday with, more than 1 in 3 (38%) of women picked best Friends Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox as favorites.
  • This was followed by 26% who would choose funny women Amy Poehler and Tiny Fey, 19% would want to chill with pop princesses Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez and 12% with early morning favorites Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. In last place – catwalk superstars Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid with only 5% of women wanting to hang out with the trending models.

Reel Love:

  • Get ready to que up the cliché romances on your streaming service this Valentine’s Day. The Ryan Gosling tearjerker “The Notebook” is the most popular choice of women (27%) for V-Day date watching, followed by the ’90s classic “Pretty Woman” and the risqué “Fifty Shades of Grey,” with 24% of women choosing each. 
  • With the “Fifty Shades Freed” film’s release on Valentine’s Day, most women are viewing it as foreplay for the night. Indeed, 52% would prefer to watch it with a date to “set the mood,” versus 48% who would opt to take it in with friends as conversation fodder.

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