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Mommy In LA | Becoming a Mother One Day at a Time

Natasha Perez is celebrating her son’s half birthday this week.

Six months ago, she delivered baby John in what she describes as an anxiety-filled experience. Not because anything went wrong but because according to Natasha she’s naturally “high anxiety”.

As she continues to candidly share her mommy experiences on her blog, Mommy In LA, the Pacific Palisades mommy is showing her readers that it’s okay to be honest about the good and the not-so-good aspects of the early motherhood journey.

Regarding her decision to launch a blog, Natasha says: “There was plenty of info out there about all the joyous parts of pregnancy but I discovered there were many other parts few people seemed to openly talk about.”

When she’s not busy in her account executive job, she’s either working as a professional theater choreographer, working out, caring for her two big “fur babies” Katy Puppy and Pirate or spending time with her 10-year old stepson Jude.

You’re awesome, Mama! We love your blog and look forward to reading more about life with that adorable little cutie!

Photo: Melissa Zefaris

Photo: Melissa Zefaris

What inspired you to become a blogger?

When I was pregnant, I started reading blogs and noticed many women talked about the joys of pregnancy and motherhood and sort of glossed over the not so great parts. Over the past few years, I’ve really become acutely aware of how people paint an idyllic picture of their lives online and through social media. Being pregnant was not easy and being a mom isn’t either. I like to poke fun at myself and also wanted to paint a realistic picture of what it was really like for me to be pregnant and raising a baby.

What is your proudest Mommy Blogger Moment? 

My proudest mommy blogger moment to date would be when I received a comment from a woman I did not know. I had been going through a really tough time adjusting to figuring out my postpartum identity and having someone read my words and reach out to me as a result of them was very empowering. It validated my approach of being honest and open about this journey.

What’s your favorite place to take the kids in LA? 

It’s technically outside of LA but I would say Disneyland. There’s something for my husband and I, my stepson, and the baby. We took John for the first time just recently and it was super fun to take a baby on rides and see his reactions. Also the baby care center is a lifesaver and I wish every public place offered a haven like that for moms- it really made the day more manageable and calm for diaper changes and feedings.

What’s your favorite LA hang out without the kids? 

If it’s a hang out for my husband and I, then really we like to do anything- movies, bowling, dinner. Just being out and feeling like a couple of adults can be refreshing. If it’s just me, then a day at Burke Williams is usually all I need to hit the reset button. 

What’s your best motherhood advice? 

Remember to breathe and savor each moment. They are only little for so long and this journey can be as fun or as stressful as you make it. This is all advice I need to take myself- motherhood is a learning process!


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