Mom Launches New Over-the-Counter Product to Stop Bladder Leaks


Finess® Softpatch Now Available


According to many, It’s the year of the woman, yet some issues that affect millions of women are still taboo. You hear women whisper about the fear of sneezing or terror of getting on a trampoline, but mainstream media and especially product solutions haven’t caught on.

In fact, the incontinence or better-known bladder leak category hasn’t seen a fraction of the innovation or new product disruption that the period category has, even though both are potentially the same size.   

Soft Health Technologies is a company that is working on changing the status quo in bladder leak protection by attacking treatment solutions in a completely different way. Utilizing science, an understanding of the female anatomy and the desire to create products that actually take lifestyle into account, Soft Health is introducing a line of innovative products to accompany its latest generation of the Finess® Softpatch, launched in 2018.


“Women who have children or an active lifestyle shouldn’t have to change their habits or the clothes they wear due to a fear of leaking,” said Jenna Anderson, Co-Founder and mother of two young children. “Most women want an alternative to pads that lets them forget about leaking and any potential odor. They want a solution that they can place and forget. Finess is that solution. As we plan our product line expansion, we invest in areas that we know align with the active consumer and improve, not inhibit, her lifestyle.”

Soft Health’s latest product innovation, the Finess Softpatch, is the first over-the-counter (“OTC”) product that actually stops bladder leaks. The small, discreet and easy-to-place product is a replacement to pads for women who want to have the freedom to wear the clothes they desire and the comfort of feeling dry, and not worry about odor.

“Any woman who has walked the aisles of a drugstore or searched ‘bladder leaks’ online can attest that the options have been very limited and seemed to have been designed for her grandmother. In fact, that is what spurred the creation of Soft Health,” said Thomas Berryman, Co-founder and serial entrepreneur. “We knew there had to be better options and we set out to create them.”

Soft Health’s mission is to be bold and create solutions that give women the freedom to live their lives leak free with confidence and joy. They plan to release two additional products this year to compliment the Finess Softpatch. Learn more about Finess at and sign up to be the first to know about the newest products.

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