Magazine Launch Party Muralist: Crystal Domi



MURAL by Crystal Domi

Video & Photography by Karissa Raya


Innerspace Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles was transformed into a colorful reflection of the energy and diversity that makes up the second largest city in the country.

We teamed up with L.A. Mom artist, Crystal Dominguez (Crystal Domi) to create a one-of-a-kind mural that would encompass the vibrant and colorful spirit of L.A. Moms.



Crystal arrived at the venue the day before the launch party with a carefully selected range of brushes, tools and colors.

Her enthusiasm was contagious and working with Crystal on this project was a dream come true for both the artist and the magazine team.

Before beginning the mural, Crystal had sketched out ideas and ultimately decided on a black silhouette of the L.A. Skyline over an ombré backdrop consisting of bold, powerful colors.  In choosing the color scheme, Crystal says she went for blues/teals and oranges/reds because they complement one another well.


“They also represent extreme opposites. I felt these colors would be perfect for the city of L.A,” she said. “Driving in Downtown, you might see a bunch of homeless (people) only to turn a corner and see picture-perfect cafés and million-dollar high rise apartments…It all mixes into a powerful, magical city and that’s why I chose the purple. Red and blue make purple. I wanted to represent the blending of the opposing characteristics of this magical City of Angels.”


Crystal completed the mural within three hours and left it ready for neon artist, Danielle Bonnet, to incorporate a custom sign that read: #LAMomsRock

Dozens of L.A. Moms that attended the launch party took pictures in front of the beautiful 8′ x 8′ mural, often commenting on the great energy it emanated.



In 2010, Crystal completed an acrylic on wood painting, which she labeled “Golden Goddess.”

The artwork depicts the body of a woman exposing her breast and body curves and using her arm to push down dark waves which represent negative stories Crystal had told herself about her own body and self-worth.

“As she pushes away the negativity, she’s allowing the beautiful vibrant positivity to embrace her and remind her how beautiful and valuable she really is,” adds Crystal.


On Wednesday, August 1st, Crystal’s Golden Goddess was on view, a few feet away from her wall mural for all to enjoy during the premiere print edition launch party of Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine.

Prior to the launch party, the gorgeous 3′ x 4′ painting had never been exhibited.

Thank you, Crystal! We look forward to our next partnership. You’re amazing!


Check out this Video of Crystal’s Mural journey for Mommy In Los Angeles® Magazine:

Dreams do come true! I’ve had this dream of becoming a professional artist since high school. It’s been a long and crazy journey to get to this moment but I’m here! I recently had the honor of painting a mural for the launch party of Mommy in Los Angeles magazine and I also exhibited my Golden Goddess painting at the launch party!

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