Simona Grace: On a Mission to Put Progressive Moms in Office


Moms in Office

Simona Grace, a single working mom in Los Angeles, realized something during the midterm elections in 2018: Her close friend’s organization was supporting Katie Porter’s campaign and she became intrigued with the Congresswoman’s determination to fight for working families.

After witnessing the unique challenges a single mother must face when running for office and the barriers women must break when it comes to fundraising, she decided to do something about it. She founded Moms in Office and became the first single mother in the United States to start a political action committee with the mission to help elect progressive moms.

A record number of women won seats in Congress in 2018, but the number of mothers with children under 18 remains low at only 5%. Moms make up one of the largest segments of our population in the United States and the smallest segment of our federal government. If we want to see equal representation of women in government, this must include moms.

Besides a more equal and intersectional representation in our government, what else might we accomplish if we elected more moms to office? Working mothers propose and enact more family-friendly bills – more moms in office would likely influence Congress to put these measures into law. One woman who recognizes this and taking action is Moms in Office founder Simona Grace, who is using her organization’s platform to elect and empower moms to change the status quo.

In a recent interview with, she shared her thoughts on the current political climate, why family-friendly policies are important to her and are the backbone of our society, and how her own upbringing in Hungary behind the Iron Curtain shaped her into the fierce, determined, progressive advocate she is today.

Moms in Office is on a mission to strengthen the political voice of all moms and help elect women with children to public office. The organization supports mothers running for office at all levels of government through fundraising and endorsements, while their parenting blog provides information for moms who desire to stay informed but don’t have the time to read extensively.

The Riveter x Moms in Office Present: Reinventing Motherhood in Politics. Join the conversation at The Riveter West LA on 11/14 at 6PM. More information here.

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