Announces the Top Names of 2019

Baby Names.jpeg

Top Names of 2019 & Trends for 2020 has tallied up the top most popular names of the year and the winners are Liam for boys and Charlotte for girls.

“It seems there is definitely a royal influence to baby names this year,” says Jennifer Moss, Founder and CEO of “Both Liam and Charlotte are linked directly to the British Royal Family. Liam is a shorter version of the name William, like the Duke of Cambridge, and Charlotte is the name of his daughter.”

“For 2020 and beyond we see some traditional Biblical names like David, Michael, and Luke – dropping off the top 100. This is almost unprecedented,” explains Moss. “Those are being replaced with more unique Biblical names like Josiah, Gabriel, and Elijah.”

As for the girls, Moss says flower and nature names are still climbing the charts. Violet, Iris, Juniper, Rose, Daisy, and Dahlia are all in the top 100. The popularity charts are derived from the millions of members’ favorite name lists.

To view the full list of 100 most popular names of 2019, visit


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