It’s Here. The 2019 Report On The Status Of Women And Girls In California


Equity differences among women is greater than differences between men and women

The Center for the Advancement of Women at Mount Saint Mary’s University released the findings of its 8th annual Report on the Status of Women and Girls in California™. The Report, Intersections: Identity, Access & Equity focuses on how race, age and socio-economic status shape the lives of women in California.

“Every woman has the right to earn equal pay for equal work, the right to feel safe in her home and neighborhood, and the right to have her interests represented by her elected officials locally and nationally,” said Ann McElaney-Johnson, President of MSMU. “Our data demonstrates, however, that access to these rights varies among the women of our state.”

The release event gathered more than 1,000 leaders from various industries to discuss the report and how to address inequalities in California and the nation as a whole.

First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom spoke with State Senator Holly J. Mitchell about how to make California more gender equitable.


“I believe that you need policy change and cultural change together to really move us forward as a country. Part of cultural change is just education and awareness. Laws by themselves need implementation and a whole awareness campaign behind them to ensure people are taking advantage of the legislation,” said Siebel Newsom. “I really feel like California is positioned better than any other state to lead the way and I’m excited about that.”

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