Parenting in a Pandemic— L.A. MOM FEATURE: Tina Li


What I’ve Learned about Motherhood during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The second in a collection of personal accounts written by Los Angeles moms at the beginning of the Pandemic.

Photos by Rachel Carrillo


Founder, In The Clouds Events

Los Angeles, CA


“What this whole thing taught me is just to go with the flow, do whatever works for your family.”

— Tina Li

For us, in the very beginning, when nobody had any plans, we we’re panicking.

During the first week, we literally did nothing at home. We just kind of hung out, enjoyed the time with activities and did not focus on school! Then the second week rolled along and the kids were already bored. That’s when we busted out summer workbooks but it wasn’t very structured. The kids were kind of all over the place. We sat down and had a family meeting and we let the kids pick a subject that they liked. We set an hour block of time, but then it was just way too long and there was no way they could sit there doing math for an hour. So we did 30 minute intervals mixed with academics, arts and crafts from YouTube, drawing time and outside play time. We had entire days planned out, which worked for about two weeks. Then our school district finally got organized and started their distance learning program.


I think what the pandemic has taught me is that it’s time to accept things. It is what it is. I’m a nanny, I’m a teacher. I’m everything. Homeschooling is going to happen and what this whole thing taught me is just go with the flow, do whatever works for your family.


My event business is called In the Clouds Events, and I started the business about 10 years ago out of necessity as the recession in 2008 kind of led us out of a job. It was a time when my husband and I we were like, “What can we do? What is something I could do that’s fun and not daunting and still (allows me to) manage my time?” At that time, a lot of my friends were getting married. I was formerly, and still am, a project manager. Friends would ask me to help with their wedding and that’s how the whole thing started.

(During the Pandemic) most events have been postponed, but I’m working with one of my friends whose daughter had a birthday party over the summer and we decided we’re going to plan! I think in these times, we just have to be more creative and make it work in a safe environment.

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