Survey: 76% of Employed Americans Say #MeToo Positively Impacted The Workplace


More Than 2 In 5 Say It Has Damaged Trust Between HR and Employees

According to results from the 2020 #MeToo movement survey of 1,023 employed U.S. adults (full time/part-time) conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of CareerArc, a leader in HR technology providing social recruiting and modern outplacement, 76% of employed (full-time or part-time) Americans say the social movement made a positive impact on how sexual harassment is addressed in the workplace. Yet still, 44% say it actually damaged trust between HR representatives and employees. This sentiment is more pronounced among employed men (52%) than employed women (36%), especially those employed men ages 18-34 (62%) versus 45% of men ages 35-64.

The #MeToo movement began circulating on social media in the fall of 2017 as women stepped forward to share their personal experiences with sexual harassment and assault. The movement encouraged other victims to come forward to shine a light on this societal issue.

The survey found that nearly three-quarters (74%) of employed Americans say the #MeToo movement is helping to decrease the occurrence of sexual harassment in the workplace. The movement also sparked a new voice amongst workers, with 68% of employed Americans saying the #MeToo movement has made them feel more empowered to report sexual harassment at work. 


However, the survey results also showed the workplace is still far from being free of sexual misconduct-related concerns. Seventy-seven percent of employed Americans say the movement is not enough to completely prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, while less than a third (31%) believe their HR department has created an open or judgment-free way to report sexual harassment at their workplace. Only 41% of employed Americans say their HR department takes sexual harassment in the workplace very seriously. 

To help HR professionals navigate these complex issues and pressures, CareerArc is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, April 8, 2020, entitled, “How HR must evolve in the wake of #MeToo.” Listeners will hear from culture expert Jane Garza, managing director of NOBL LA, on how to create a workplace culture that reduces the prevalence of sexual harassment along with best practices to protect employees and address offenders. For more information, please visit

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