‘The Divorce Case’ Subscription Box Offers Support, Laughs to Divorcees


gift for those who are separated, divorced, or in the midst of a divorce

Best-selling author, relationship expert and humorist Lauren Peacock launched The Divorce Case (TDC) subscription box, the next project from the creative multi-talent.

The new subscription service makes the perfect gift for those who are separated, divorced, or in the midst of a divorce. Peacock thoughtfully designed the box to include products that helped her get through her own divorce experience.

“I created The Divorce Case because I remember what it was like going through a divorce. I remember wishing I had certain things readily available when I was feeling sad and alone. Most people don’t realize that divorce can suck the life out of someone, so even trips to the store can be a big deal. Throw in Valentine’s Day and, oh yes, a worldwide Pandemic and you can see why you or someone you know would welcome this,” says Peacock.

This is no standard subscription box: the monthly subscription also includes exclusive membership access to Peacock’s private online Facebook community, titled The D-Deck (yes, the ‘D’ is for divorce), which will feature a weekly column filled with her own humorous and heartfelt advice about dealing with divorce, a curated list of viewing and reading materials from trusted sources, and an occasional guest speaker, as well as a private space to interact with fellow members of the TDC community.

With each monthly case, recipients receive a selection of self-care gifts, all personally selected by Peacock, for $49.99/month with discounted 6 and 12 month plans available to subscribers. The first month’s case will include:

  • A signed copy of Peacock’s #1 certified Amazon bestselling book, “Female. Likes Cheese. Comes with Dog: Stories About Divorce, Dating, and Saying ‘I Do’,”

  • Soothing hand creams and face masks

  • Luscious bath salts

  • A journal

  • Chocolate (obviously)

  • A “Feeling Screwy” corkscrew (bottom’s up!)

  • A surprise bonus item

  • Exclusive online membership access to Peacock’s “The D-Deck”

“All the items have a purpose behind them, which I describe in a note. Together, they make a wonderful care package meant to take you away from the situation and the emotions that you are currently experiencing and allow you to focus on positive next steps in the journey you are about to take. They’re all about helping you feel better about you,” says Peacock.

She continues, “The online community is a chance for all of us who have gone through divorce to check in with each other once a week. We’ll share thoughts on the full gamut of topics, from how to get a good night’s sleep, dealing with family and trauma, planning your solo getaway, and more. Simply finding a way to laugh and learn through heartbreak can be the best medicine.”

To subscribe and for more information about The Divorce Case, including pricing options, please visit: http://www.thedivorcecase.com/.

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