AI Imagines “Beautiful Women” in 100 Countries Around the World

Each image stands as a unique interpretation of beauty

Beauty varies across all countries, cultures, and communities. It’s in the eye of the beholder, but what happens when that “eye” is AI?

To find out what the standard of beauty looks like to AI, StyleSeat, an online destination for beauty & wellness professionals and clients asked an AI image generator, to create images using the prompt “beautiful women” in 100 countries.

“Since beauty is a subjective concept with diverse definitions shaped by cultural contexts, we wondered how AI would interpret our prompts,” explains the StyleSeat website. “It’s important to understand that AI’s ‘understanding,’ derived from human-input data, reflects human perspectives.”

Trends throughout the gallery show a striking uniformity in AI-generated beauty standards across the 100 countries tested (minimal makeup, thin body).

The generated images depicted women in a spectrum of bold outfits to minimalistic and sleek designs based on the culture.

AI was able to represent some diversity in terms of race.

According to Styleseat, the resulting images are captivating. Their allure lies not only in the artistic expression of the AI, but also in the fascinating spectrum of beauty they encapsulate. Each image stands as a unique interpretation of beauty, offering a glimpse into the variability of aesthetic standards across the globe.


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