FIT4MOM Designs Fitness Programs to Promote Early Childhood Development and Maternal Mental Health

Creating Mom-to-Mom connections through activities & exercise

Mom-to-Baby and Fun-for-Baby connections and activities incorporated during FIT4MOM’s stroller-friendly classes keep the children entertained, provide cognitive development, and create parent/child bonding time.

Supporting Women at All Stages of Motherhood

FIT4MOM, a national prenatal and postnatal fitness company, has designed its programs not only for their workouts—but for the mental well-being of moms and the cognitive development of children. Since 2001, FIT4MOM has found that although their clients come for a kid-friendly workout, they stay for the community and connections. FIT4MOM has created communities that create friendships, provide support, and foster connections FIT4MOM defines as “Mom-to-Self,” “Mom-to-Baby,” and “Mom-to-Mom.”

“As a new mom myself, it was my goal to create an exercise program for moms, with the idea that they would benefit from working together to restore their well-being, build friendships, and get support for the highs and lows of motherhood,” explains FIT4MOM founder, Lisa Druxman.

Their Mom-to-Mom connection is created through activities, exercise, and events such as partner workouts, playgroups, and Mom’s Night Out events, allowing clients to connect, get support, and build friendships needed for motherhood. The Mom-to-Self connection promotes maternal mental health, allowing clients to prioritize self-care and reap the mental benefits of physical activity. This is done through cueing, exercises, and meditation, and allowing clients to be fully present with themselves through instructor/child interactions using bubbles, singing, music, and more.

The Mom-to-Baby connection and Fun-for-Baby were designed to create parent/child bonding time and support cognitive development and socialization in children. Studies have shown that music can speed up speech and language development, so instructors and clients sing, recite the alphabet, and count to the children during exercises. Instructors also incorporate bubbles, colorful scarves, and musical instruments for sensory development and motor skills. Additionally, clients model wellness and kindness to their children, creating a positive association between fitness and socialization at an early age.

FIT4MOM was founded with the primary mission to support women at all stages of motherhood and it’s their goal to provide this to all moms across the nation. To learn more, try a free class, or start a franchise, visit

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