Jamie Lee Hoffer: Giggles and Stardust


LA MOM, Award Wining Artist, Teacher, Author and Composer has created a Boldly Imaginative and Fun Educational Website for Pre Schoolers.


The screen lights up and you’re instantly transported to a magical place where colors
are brighter, faces are friendlier, music is happier and the whole world is bigger and
better than you ever imagined it could be. And, best of all, your host in this wondrous
new destination is so instantly likable and trustworthy, you’re ready to follow her
wherever her imagination – and yours – will take you.


We’re talking about Jamie Lee Hoffer and her new subscription-based online destination
for preschoolers, Giggles and Stardust.

“I am at the ‘sweet spot’ of my life, where everything I’ve done and everything I’ve been,
has brought me to this place where I am capable of sharing myself in the most genuine
way,” says Hoffer.
Already a popular online personality among children and parents thanks to a series of
musical and educational videos on YouTube, Hoffer officially launched the new Giggles
and Stardust site in October. The platform features educational videos, original songs,
book readings, colorful artwork, life lesson content and a family of unique puppets.
“We explore the aspects and validity of our emotions, meet interesting people in our
community and we giggle a lot,” says Hoffer. “[We are] always offering carefully curated,
high-quality screen time.”

Hoffer is described as a Renaissance woman in the realm of child education, with a
career that expands over several roles including teacher, book author, composer,
illustrator and award-winning artist.

Born and raised in Asbury Park, New Jersey, Jamie showed promise as an artist from a
very young age, parlaying that talent into a BFA degree from Tufts University and the
School of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. After later relocating to Los Angeles, she
became a sought-after graphic artist until she began teaching art to children ages 5-11
while also working as a preschool teacher for children ages 14 to 24 months (“Best job I
ever had!” she says).

When COVID forced everyone to learn and work from home, Hoffer, along with her
husband Andrew and a team of educators, programmers and entertainment industry
advisors joined forces to create Giggles and Stardust.

“My goal is to show little ones that they are loved, supported and important.”

“Everything I’ve done throughout my career and personal life…has led me to the
creation and launch of GigglesandStardust.com. My goal is to show little ones that they
are loved, supported, and important. Here, we sing, we laugh, we ask big questions, we
wonder, we create, we love, and we all belong! Let’s help each other grow in
confidence, connection, and love,” says Hoffer.



Giggles and Stardust
Subscription-based website offering monthly, weekend or annual passes beginning at
$6.99 per month
Website visitors can also purchase one of several books written and illustrated by Hoffer

“I Don’t Want To Wear A Diaper Anymore”; “There’s a Jungle in the Back of My House”
and “My Friend Sam.”
Hoffer & #39 new album, “Songs From the House on the Hill” can also be downloaded at 
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