“LEONARDO DA VINCI: Inventor. Artist. Dreamer.” Exhibit Now Open at the California Science Center

Developed by Leonardo3 Museum of Milan in collaboration with Running Subway Productions

The exhibition will continue through September 2024

The California Science Center’s new exhibit “LEONARDO DA VINCI: Inventor. Artist. Dreamer.” offers guests a unique opportunity to explore the engineering marvels and artistry of one of history’s greatest minds and inventors.

Through models of da Vinci’s innovations, hands-on experiences and reproductions of his notes and artwork, including the Last Supper, visitors experience da Vinci’s endless curiosity, and his use of both art and science throughout his work.

Da Vinci’s command of diverse fields in science, art, music, and engineering and his futuristic inventions made him a true Renaissance man. This exhibition will allow guests to explore more than 30 models of his innovative machines, each built by contemporary Italian artisans according to da Vinci’s exacting specifications. Included are da Vinci’s futuristic flying machines, like the Flying Bicycle, Great Kite, and 33-foot Flying Eagle; along with the Mechanical Lion, the Great Organ, and more than a dozen full-scale models. Graphics and AV interactives help interpret the machines and provide further hands-on exploration. Guests will have the opportunity to test their engineering and building skills, including recreating da Vinci’s famous self-supporting bridge, climbing aboard and operating his paddle boat, and engaging in other interactive learning activities.

Massimiliano Lisa, Co-Curator of the “LEONARDO DA VINCI: Inventor. Artist. Dreamer.” exhibit described the exhibit as an excellent learning opportunity for kids.

“[Leonardo da Vinci] had a dream to make man fly. It was not a success. But what do you learn about that? That you have to keep experimenting,” said Lisa. “From failures you will find the driving force to create something that nobody else has. Be creative and don’t fear any failures.”

Guests will see digitally restored reproductions of some of da Vinci’s iconic artwork and discover details lost forever in the actual masterpieces through displays that reveal how each painting would have appeared originally. Each reproduction is shown alongside interactive exhibits where visitors will learn more about the artwork and its restoration.

“Through models of da Vinci’s visionary machines, hands-on exhibits, and graphic reproductions, Science Center guests will experience da Vinci’s use of art and science throughout his work, and his mastery of both,” said Jeffrey Rudolph, President and CEO of the California Science Center. “We are excited to host an exhibition that so perfectly illustrates the importance of both science and art.”

“LEONARDO DA VINCI: Inventor. Artist. Dreamer.” was developed by Leonardo3 Museum of Milan in collaboration with Running Subway Productions. Exhibition tickets are on sale now and can be purchased by calling 213-744-2019 or visiting californiasciencecenter.org/davinci.

The exhibition will continue to tour nationally and internationally after the culmination of its run at the California Science Center on September 2, 2024.

Guests have the opportunity to enhance their experience by seeing the IMAX movie Cities of the Future 3D to discover the exciting innovations engineers are working on today—from electric flying cars to solar power beamed from space. Adult combo tickets for both the exhibition and IMAX movie are $28.95, with various discounts available. Exhibition tickets are $22.95 for adults and IMAX ticket prices range from $8.79 to $9.79 with additional discounts when purchasing both the exhibition and IMAX movie, and special discounts for Members, groups of 15 or more people and private events.

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