Make Time Wellness Founders Named People Magazine’s “Women Changing the World” for 2024

Make Time Wellness Continues its Brand Expansion

Make Time Wellness Founders, Helen Christoni and Emma Heming Willis

Offering products tailored specifically to address women’s needs

People Magazine unveiled its prestigious shortlist of “Women Changing the World” for 2024, shining a spotlight on Make Time Wellness Founders and Los Angeles moms Emma Heming Willis and Helen Christoni.

Emma and Helen proudly stand among an esteemed group of women including Katy Perry & Angela Lerche, Kali Reis, Deborah Szekely, Laney Crowell & Jordan Risa-Santos, Angela Bassett, and others. In observance of Women’s History Month, People Magazine dedicates this issue annually to recognizing women who epitomize the essence of creating global change.

Featured prominently in the latest issue hitting newsstands today, the article recounts the transformative journey undertaken by Emma and Helen in establishing Make Time Wellness and their unwavering dedication to championing women’s brain health.

Make Time Wellness is leading the charge by offering expertly crafted supplements and multivitamins tailored specifically to address women’s unique needs and cognitive well-being. Make Time Wellness is more than a brand, it’s a rallying cry for women everywhere to reclaim time for themselves and prioritize their brain health.

Last month, Willis and Christoni launched the Make Time Podcast, engaging in candid conversations with women about their strategies for time management and areas where they strive to carve out more personal time.

Make Time Wellness is also expanding its reach through retail partnerships with Anthropologie and Amazon. Look out for Make Time Wellness at the upcoming Expo West, the premier trade show for health-conscious products, in Anaheim, California from March 13 through 16. Join Emma and Helen in their mission to make brain health a priority.

Make Time was created to help women prioritize their brain, body, and beauty—in that order while making more time for themselves. Co-founders Emma Heming Willis and Helen Christoni were surprised by the lack of education, awareness, and products that make women’s brain health a priority. No one even talks about it.

They decided to turn their frustration into a global conversation while providing effective wellness products backed by science to help busy women put their brain health and overall wellness above all else. More than a brand, Make Time is a movement, committed to helping women make time for themselves as well as research, education, and giving back to charity. To learn more about Make Time, visit and follow @maketimewellness on Instagram.

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