Rinna Beauty Expands Website Product Offerings

An organic move for the international market

We’re here for the Larger Than Life Lip Plumping Glosses

Driven by her philosophy that “Beauty has no borders,” actress and entrepreneur Lisa Rinna has partnered with New York-based brand incubator SEL Beauty to tailor her increasingly popular Rinna Beauty website to the needs of customers around the world.

Just as every woman customizes her beauty regimen, Rinna Beauty now offers a customized website for each region that lists products in the local currency with import duty, value-added taxes (VATs) and shipping costs automatically included. This improvement to its e-commerce platform, allows beauty aficionados and fans of Lisa Rinna around the world to more easily access the brand’s complete line of lip, eye, body and fragrance products to effortlessly create their own look and style, no matter where they live.

“Rinna Beauty was founded with inclusivity at our core, and now that has a deeper meaning,” said Lisa Rinna, who created the cosmetics line during the height of the pandemic, when people needed to feel better about themselves. “I’m excited that Rinna Beauty is now more easily available to anyone nearly anywhere in the world. After all, beauty has no borders.”

“The response and sales we have received from the U.S. market convinced us that Rinna Beauty should customize its offerings as a global brand,” said Cheryl Krakow, president of SEL Beauty, which distributes the line. “In light of the brand’s popularity and Lisa’s worldwide fan base, this was an organic move for the international market.”

About Rinna

Beauty Launched in 2020, Rinna Beauty achieved immediate success with its Icon Collection Lip Kits featuring coordinating lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner, going on to expand into such signature products as Larger Than Life Lip Plumping Glosses, Iconic Eye Kits, and Dryp Tease body oil. Rinna Beauty is a vegan line, with no parabens, phthalates or sulfates, and has been certified as cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. Available worldwide at www.RinnaBeauty.com.




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