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“I want my son to grow up in this country that I love and I want him to have a future to look forward to.”

As exceptional ideas often do, the one for Simona Grace’s Moms in Office organization, came to her in a very ordinary way: thinking of challenges faced by single moms.

A few years ago, Simona, who came to Los Angeles from Hungary as an 18-year-old student, was driving with her son when the little boy asked to turn off the radio. A news broadcast covering sexual misconduct allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was airing and sound bites from the testimony were making him uncomfortable.

A very concerning thought crossed Simona’s mind— “My son thinks that listening to the news about some of the most influential men in politics is not appropriate for a kid…”

A few months later, Simona got involved with Katie Porter’s election campaign for California’s 47th Congressional District seat. At the time, there were no single moms serving in the U.S. House of Representatives and Porter’s campaign began stirring a lot of feelings in Simona. The realization that single moms do in fact have to work much longer and much harder to be taken seriously had hit her differently.

“There were no organizations that were helping moms run for office,” recalls Simona. “This makes sense… of course we don’t pass laws like paid [maternity] leave or free preschool… The politicians in office are out of touch with what it means to be a working mom.”

Simona went home one evening and made the decision to launch Moms In Office, a Political Action Committee (PAC) which was registered with the Federal Elections Commission in 2019.

Her goals were clear:

“I’m going to fundraise for moms, and I’m going to endorse mom candidates and give them a check and hold free trainings and bring them together, amplify their voices and talk more about the issues we need to shine a light on!”

In only two election cycles since launching Moms In Office, Simona has already celebrated significant achievements.

Through the organization, she has fundraised and supported nearly two dozen women seeking office, she has hosted trainings and coaching sessions for candidates and, for the 2022 election cycle, Simona raised over $200K from five thousand donors across the country. She used those funds to support womens’ election campaigns, including that of Los Angeles’ first female mayor, Karen Bass, where she served as a volunteer in various capacities.

“I went from being featured in the flyers to standing on stage next to Karen Bass,” shares Simona. “Being a part of her campaign was so personally meaningful to me— a history-making moment I was able to be a part of.”

From Hungary to Los Angeles

Even before arriving in Los Angeles as an 18-year-old student from Hungary, Simona Grace had already succeeded in the skill of creating a vision for herself and making it happen.

Her childhood was marked by a communist regime where things like a pair of jeans or a can of Coca Cola were impossible to obtain and even a banana was hard to come across.

“Politics is very much in your face and in your life when you’re living in a country that is oppressed,” says Simona. “It puts a different perspective in your life when you’re growing up experiencing what it means to live without democracy.”

With the decline of the Soviet Union, Simona entered her teenage years with newfound educational opportunities in places like Switzerland and Austria. Then she decided she wanted to get a college degree in the U.S. With that in mind, her family who did not speak English and had never been to the U.S. bid her farewell and sent her off to Los Angeles.

In retrospect, Simona says she would probably not send her child off to a foreign country by himself and just hope for the best. But she clarifies that given her own life experiences, her family did the right thing in giving her the freedom to come to Los Angeles and not hold her back.

“You don’t just take off and leave everything that you know, unless you have a really big reason to do so,” she says.

And her reason has become crystal clear.

“I want my son to grow up in this country that I love and I want him to have a future to look forward to.”

This year, on April 26, 2023, she was sworn in as one of seven Commissioners on the Status of Women and Girls appointed by the Mayor of Los Angeles. Her son was there to witness the ceremony.

“I always try having him next to me,” Simona says proudly. “Kids should be able to see that moms can do these things. We can stand on stage and have our kids next to us and it’s a perfectly acceptable view, the same it would be for any man who gets applauded for obtaining a position with a lot responsibility.”

Six Tips from Simona on How Moms Can Take Action and Make a Difference in the Future of Our Children

1. Lead by Example: Ingrain civic responsibility in your children by involving them in your own actions. Whether it’s bringing them along when you vote, engaging in community service projects together, or participating in local events, showing them your commitment can inspire them to follow suit.

2. En Your Passion: Identify a cause that ignites your passion and dive into it. Demonstrating your commitment to a cause can be incredibly powerful. Whether it’s joining advocacy groups, participating in phone banks, or simply spreading awareness, your enthusiasm can lead to significant change and inspire your children to find their own causes.

4. Believe in Your Potential: Never underestimate the impact you can have. If you aspire to make a difference through public office, remember that the only qualifications are a genuine concern for your community and the drive to see change. Your passion and dedication are what truly matter.

5. Exercise Your Democratic Rights: Remember that political involvement isn’t limited to holding an office. Our elected officials represent us because we vote them into power. Utilize your voice effectively, whether that’s by voting, contacting your representatives, or attending city council meetings. Every action contributes to the health of our democracy and demonstrates the importance of civic engagement to your children.

6. Start Small and Know It’s Never Too Late: Remember, every journey begins with a single step. You don’t have to tackle everything at once. Begin with small actions and know that it’s never too late to start making a difference. Whether it’s reading a book about social issues with your child, starting a conversation in your community, or simply modeling kindness and empathy, your actions, no matter how small, contribute to a better future.




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