Mom Blogger Monday: Mandi Pimental

Mandi Pimental is a journalist, a nutritionist, a former touring pop music artist, a professional songwriter (currently signed on with NVE Records/Universal Music group) a blogger and a mom. Wow, mom!

She’s a California girl with a deep faith in God and a strong will to make people’s dietary journeys as healthy and pleasant as possible through her company Nosh & Nurture.

When we first learned about Mandi, we fell in love with her approach: “During nap times and on weekends, I work feverishly to get this little blog and brand to reach other girls & guys out there who want to share their stories and find connection over whole, healthy living.”

We love how you’re making it all come together, mama!

Keep inspiring us! We can’t wait to see little Greyson grow up to be as cool and thoughtful as his mom & dad!


What inspired you to become a blogger?

Having to change the way I ate and lived completely. Adapting a fully new lifestyle in becoming gluten free and dairy free and ridding my house of toxins, I needed an outlet and journaling comes natural to me as a writer, and from there it took off into becoming what it is today.


What is your proudest Mommy Blogger Moment?

Being able to provide for my family through authentically sharing what I love. 

What’s your favorite place to take the kids in LA?

Griffith Park. I had my 3rd Birthday party there, so being able to take my husband and son there is really special to me. That and OF COURSE, Disneyland. We are huge Disney fans. 

What’s your favorite LA hang out without the kids?

Any of the resorts with a nice spa, healthy nosh and a pool. 

What’s your best motherhood advice?

I’m learning that my A-Type personality and love of scheduling causes so much more stress in this role. I’m learning, day by day, to live in the moment, enjoy his ever changing needs and just relax into this new life as a blessed mama to the boy I prayed so hard for.

Connect with Mandi!

Instagram: @noshandnurture

Twitter: @noshandnurture


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