Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company Commemorates 30 Years of Creativity and Quality

Coming soon: a fiber optic plush collection!

The company’s philosophy revolves around “PRICE”

Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company (BHTB), an L.A.-based full spectrum toy manufacturer, proudly celebrated its 30th anniversary, commemorating three decades of innovation and commitment to quality craftsmanship.

BHTB has delivered custom and licensed toys, gifts, and plush items for everyone seeking the cuddliest, softest, squishiest toys around the world since its establishment in 1994.

“We’ve remained dedicated to bringing joy to children and collectors for over 30 years. We collaborate with leading companies and studios to turn their imagination into reality,” Founder and CEO David Socha remarks.

The family-owned business has established innovation as its trademark. This approach led to the creation of proprietary brands enjoyed in over 90 countries. Specializing in custom, private label, and licensed toys, BHTB delivers high-quality merchandise at competitive prices. With this, it has become the go-to choice for individuals, companies, retailers, and entrepreneurs.

The philosophy of BHTB revolves around PRICE—product excellence, reputation, innovation, collaboration, and expertise. BHTB’s design team consistently receives high praise and reviews for their ingenuity and innovation. After all, they have breathed life into well-loved products, such as the sequined plush Shimmeez, water effects plush EyeLuvs, Surprizamals, Squeezamals, World’s Softest Plush, and more.

The custom toy manufacturer also boasts of a streamlined process encompassing creating its own trend-driven and evergreen intellectual property (IP). It then manufactures products for individuals, companies, and retailers. Lastly, it establishes an online presence through websites like,,, and

This foundation enabled the company to reach distribution channels, including top retailers like Walmart, Target, Tesco, Smyths, and Toys “R” Us. BHTB has also partnered with major movie studios and licensors, including Disney, Fox, Paramount, Universal, Night Buddies, and Warner Brothers, leaving lasting impressions on audiences worldwide.

BHTB’s success can be attributed to the leadership of its founder. Socha’s parents, who owned a toy store, exposed him to the trade early on. Growing up in a lower-middle-class town in upstate New York, he was inspired by his father’s dedication to providing for his family.

“My father worked multiple jobs to make sure we could pursue our passions,” Socha shares. Understanding the value of hard work and sacrifice, the CEO turned his attention to the toy industry after letting go of his dream of becoming a professional hockey player.

In 1994, Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company came to life. “I’ve always loved toys since I was a child, and with a family history in the business, I think it’s meant to be,” Socha remarks.

BHTB began as a mail-order company operating in a humble garage, where he and his then-partner created custom stuffed animals. The duo faced financial setbacks and had to pivot, with Socha eventually becoming the sole owner of the brand.

The company experienced a breakthrough when it became the first toymaker to produce merchandise based on the hit movie “Babe.” Grabbing the opportunity, BHTB manufactured and distributed merchandise to over 40 countries from his garage.

The demand for its products grew, and BHTB had to move its headquarters to its first official location in Los Angeles, briefly venturing into the retail sector. David and his team decided to refocus their efforts on manufacturing, recognizing that their true strength is in creating products for retail rather than operating their stores. The company eventually experienced remarkable growth, producing between 800,000 and a million pieces annually.

Throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, BHTB expanded its portfolio and secured licenses. The manufacturing company’s proprietary development also gained momentum, introducing products like Surprizamals, Squeezamals, World’s Softest Plush, and Shimmeez.

Now that it commemorates 30 years of spreading joy and creating a world of fun, Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company plans to diversify its offerings across four pillars: custom plush, evergreen product lines, trend-driven innovations, and charitable initiatives. Avid fans of the brand can also look forward to its fiber optic plush collection—the next in line after pioneering trends like blind pack plush and slow-rise foam.

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